Openpath and Omnilert integration

Protect people from gun violence at the first sight of a threat with visual gun detection & integrated Openpath access control

Prevent gun violence with automated lockdown

Integrating the Omnilert AI-powered gun detection technology with Openpath access control allows rapid response to threats with instant intelligence sharing and lockdown. With the right communication and automation, emergency plans can be initiated in seconds. Authorities are alerted the moment a threat is detected and access is immediately restricted to launch active shooter prevention capabilities.

Integration with Omnilert allows organizations to:

  • Instantly route suspected gun threats for human verification 

  • Notify police and broadcast emergency at the press of a button

  • Activate response plans according to predefined active shooter scenarios

  • Instantly lock doors to prevent unfettered access to perpetrators

  • Simultaneously activate Omnilert response plans with Openpath Lockdown Plans

Use cases

Secured high-risk facilities. The integration is designed to help protect facilities that are common targets of gun violence, such as schools and public venues.

Multi-layered security. All areas of a building are protected, from the exterior of a building to vulnerable spots in the interior such as hallways and stairwells.  

Rapid response. Automated safety systems and lockdown significantly speeds up response time when a gun threat is verified, maximizing every critical second to save lives. 

Accurate detection. Suspected gun threats are instantly routed for human verification to prevent errors and mitigate damages.

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