Powerful. Convenient. Cloud-based.

An access control platform built to maximize flexibility, without ever compromising security. See how our cloud-based software gives you more control, visibility, and reliability to secure your world.

The benefit of a cloud-based system

Openpath’s cloud-based software is scalable and reliable, with a robust feature set and easy-to-use dashboard that enables fully remote management. And with every automatic update, it just keeps getting better.

Enterprise-grade cloud capabilities

James Segil, Openpath CEO, discusses how Openpath’s software increases the adaptability and reliability of your security system in critically important ways.

Developed differently

Openpath’s cloud software is built to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make managing your system easier than ever.

  • Fully remote management. Access Openpath from any web-enabled device to easily administer credentials, revoke access, and customize entries, with all sites, users, and locations managed from a single interface.

  • Secure and reliable. IT-approved software meets network compliance requirements and automatically updates against threats and vulnerabilities without interrupting your workflow, all complete with end-to-end encryption. 

  • Unprecedented control. Customize user schedules, permissions, and default entry states for specific credential types. Save time and money with software that easily scales up or back as often as you need. 

  • Real-time visibility. Maintain a system of record of who’s coming and going with detailed activity logs and custom alerts for access events as they occur.

  • 24/7 support. Monitor hardware statuses and perform remote diagnostic actions anytime, anywhere with the ability to troubleshoot in the cloud.

Building smarter environments

With open API architecture, Openpath’s collaborative system gives you unlimited customization and automation options: 

  • Seamlessly integrate your access control to the apps and software tools you already use

  • Webhooks make it easy to connect with security, video, and productivity software

  • Reduce costs with intuitive software that eliminates the need for a dedicated administrator, and automates processes across IoT-connected devices and sites

  • Cloud-based software automatically installs the latest features without the expense of costly upgrades

Mobile-optimized custom dashboards

Personalize the Control Center for real-time visibility and control of what’s most relevant at the user, site, and org level — from anywhere.

  • Improve ROI and response time with faster access to key insights

  • Gain a broader perspective of security across your entire organization

  • Toggle between all org dashboards and set default dashboards at the user level

  • Display Live Event Feed, Entry Controls, Identity Verification, Lockdown Plans, Occupancy, Hardware Count, Statistics, and Activity Feed widgets.

  • Added functionality will continue to roll out automatically including live video feed, maps, and alarm widgets.

Expanded safety and wellness features

Our open platform enhances safety at every level, with features including:

  • Customizable Wave to Unlock settings for secure touchless entry

  • Native occupancy tracking to automate and enforce capacity limits

  • Real-time event notifications for fast, efficient issue response

  • Seamless integration with leading technology companies to streamline digital health questionnaires, temperature checks, and contact tracing

Designed to scale with ease

Openpath’s enterprise-grade cloud architecture provides unparalleled flexibility compared to legacy server systems:

  • Support for unlimited sites, doors, users, roles and groups

  • Streamline multi-site management with granular permissions and Custom Fields

  • Automatically sync users across sites and locations using your preferred identity provider

  • Customize and activate emergency lockdown plans remotely from any device

  • Merge physical and cyber security strategies for a holistic, future-proof system

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How Openpath ensures system security

Security is at the core of everything we do. Learn about the steps Openpath takes to proactively safeguard our system and protect our customers.

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