Cloud automation designed to scale

Our cloud-based platform is the most flexible, collaborative, and reliable access control system ever developed. And with every seamless update, it just keeps getting better.

Meet the brains behind the operation

Openpath’s cloud-based software is scalable, reliable, and easy to use. Our open API makes integrating with your favorite tools a snap, and our end-to-end encryption means you can rest assured that your system is secure.

Cloud-based ingenuity

Openpath’s cloud software provides a wide range of benefits.

Access Openpath’s multi-site management platform on any web-enabled device to easily administer credentials, revoke access, and customize entries across all locations.

Powerful and convenient

Openpath’s feature set is robust yet easy to use. Take advantage of cloud-based access control to streamline your administrative tasks across every entry point of all your buildings.

Native integrations

Connect your access control to the tools you already use. Openpath’s webhooks allow you to easily connect with security, video, and productivity software.

Detailed reporting

Keep detailed, privacy-compliant logs of each entry, receive real-time notifications from the cloud, and maintain a system of record of who’s coming and going through your buildings.


Create custom lockdown plans for each location that can be activated remotely in an emergency situation using any method, and notify emergency responders instantly.


Openpath's cloud-based software is constantly and automatically updated against security threats and vulnerabilities without ever interrupting your workflow. 

Reduced costs

User-friendly and intuitive software eliminates the need for a dedicated administrative person. Cloud-based software means you always have the latest features without the expense of costly upgrades.


With support for unlimited sites, doors, users, roles, and groups, Openpath scales with your business. Cloud architecture provides unparalleled flexibility compared to legacy server systems.

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