Discover The Best Access Control System For Retail Stores and Shops

"Openpath lets us add new employees and revoke credentials from old employees. Given the high turnover in our industry, it makes a difference."

Rob Hoff, Regional Director at Domino's

Access administration is now a breeze: fast & easy.

Retailers face an increasingly competitive environment with narrow profit margins. Theft from both employees and shoplifters can harm a company’s bottom line. Given high turnover in the retail industry, traditional access control solutions are painstaking and costly to administer.

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Benefits of our Door Entry & Access Control Solutions for Retail Stores and Shops

Improve worker satisfaction
No fobs or badges needed! Through our Touch feature, employees can get into the office simply by touching or waving at the reader without taking out their phone.
Easy to administer
Add and remove employees with our cloud-based software. No need to chase down key cards or change PIN codes. Plus, Openpath integrates with your existing scheduling system to help manage various employee schedules.
Best-in-class reliability
Through our Triple Unlock technology, Openpath ensures a faster, reliable unlock without worry of Internet or cell reception outages.
A breeze to manage
No more tracking down keys and badges from numerous locations. Simplify access for employees so they can enter with their mobile device at the times that you determine.
Remote access
Manage franchise locations from HQ with the ability to unlock doors from everywhere.
Time and attendance integration
Through real-time reporting, store managers can get data on who’s coming in and out of the store.

"With Openpath installed, I now get compliments instead of complaints."

Jim Moran, Area Supervisor at Domino's

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Featured Integrations
Active Directory
Openpath’s integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory service allows your organization to provide Openpath with a synchronized source of authorized users for your access control system.
Eliminate the need to manually disarm your ADT alarm after entering your office. Openpath door unlocks can be integrated with ADT to trigger alarm disarm upon door unlock.
G Suite
Openpath’s integration with G Suite allows your organization to use Google as your primary directory service and provide Openpath with a chronized source of authorized users for your access control system.
Openpath’s integration with Okta eliminates the manual data entry of adding users one by one with an integration that allows managers to easily import and manage employees from Okta and keep them synchronized over time.
Office 365
Managers can sync and manage employees directly from Office 365. The first sync will import employees, and they will continue to sync on an on-going basis when users are added or deleted.
Our integration with Slack allows users to open doors from within the app using our Cloud Key webhooks and can also tie in to our alerting tools to notify users of specific access events.
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