Enhance your video access control and management

Openpath natively integrates with the leading video security solutions for greater visibility and powerful, real-time analytics.

Video access control and management system

Video management software (VMS), combined with physical access control, creates a unified solution with best-in class technology partners for more efficient risk mitigation. By providing visual context for all access control events, integrating Openpath and remote video management software is a smarter approach to IP surveillance. 

Benefits of integrated video security with Openpath

Offer superior protection and physical security for all your employees and tenants with an end-to-end solution that visually captures access events as they happen, and gives you the ability to respond immediately.

  • Improved safety. Mitigate loss-prevention issues with visual recognition of credentialed users, and control zone capacity with video occupancy tracking features.

  • Remote monitoring and management. Visually confirm or query entrances through a phone or tablet without any extra servers, from anywhere. Address issues and manage access events with remote lock and unlock capabilities.

  • Intelligent response. Real-time alerts and reporting improve context-driven security, resulting in better decision-making and improved issue response. 

  • Anti-tailgating capabilities. Monitor and detect tailgating as it happens to identify unauthorized users.

  • Reduced administrative and IT hassle. Ease of use in provisioning and installation, without draining IT resources.

Open API platform maximizes flexibility

Leveraging our open API, Openpath technology partners offer easy-to-deploy and well-integrated user experiences from a single pane of glass for facility and security managers. Access events and logs tie into video camera feeds and events, enabling quick video retrieval, real-time visibility to security events and accurate audit trails for compliance requirements.

Openpath’s platform seamlessly integrates both with the best on-premise VMS providers and cloud-based video surveillance software. The enterprise-grade system is trusted by landlords and tenants alike for the ability to stream real-time data, providing powerful analytics and infinitely more robust business intelligence insights.

Featured video surveillance software integrations

Easily integrate Openpath with leading video surveillance technology to fortify security with capabilities including anti-tailgating, identity verification, automatic alerts, facial recognition, and AI analytics.

  • Cisco Meraki

  • Milestone

  • AVA

  • Camio

  • Rhombus Systems

Future-proofing your video access control system

Zero to low-contact solutions

Address safety concerns by updating to touchless video access control systems. Integrating security credentials with remote video surveillance software eliminates common touch points at key entry points. 

Deep learning AI analytics

Ingesting data from all security systems into business intelligence tools increases accuracy and lowers costs. Enable custom alerts and rule-based response for security issues, and speed investigations with behavioral learnings. You might prioritize tailgating, forced opens, or failed unlock attempts.

Automation and IoT integrations

Cloud-based video surveillance software easily integrates with security platforms and tools to create scalable, agile solutions across IoT connected devices and sites. Instead of handling disparate systems, administrators can view critical information from a single interface, providing a more efficient user experience.

Best practices for VMS physical and cyber security

Protect and limit access

Use physical security methods, such as access control, to safeguard areas where video management systems and other confidential data is stored. Choose tamper-proof cameras, and use remote video surveillance software to monitor security in physical spaces, without requiring on-site staff.

Heighten cybersecurity

Combining edge-based technology and cloud solutions, integrated video management software gives you greater control and protection over confidential information. Plus, it provides a powerful data resource to recognize and mitigate potential threats before they occur. 

Data privacy and compliance

To quell concerns over privacy with IP video surveillance software, ensure all systems meet the highest levels of compliance, with end-to-end encryption. Don’t forget to check video data retention requirements for security camera recording software for your area and industry, and ensure that admins use MFA when logging in and accessing sensitive data. 

See how Openpath keeps our system secure.

Guide to video surveillance and security

Learn how to choose the best security cameras and VMS for your business with this free resource.

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