Heightened security with video integrations

Enhancing your video security and video management software with Openpath

Greater visibility and powerful, real-time analytics

Video management software (VMS), combined with physical access control, creates a unified solution that simplifies your security operations with a smarter approach to IP video surveillance. Integrating access control systems with your video security creates improved visibility, better risk mitigation and more powerful analytics to identify access events. Instead of handling disparate systems, your administrators can view critical information from a single pane of glass, providing a more efficient user experience.

Openpath’s access control system natively integrates with leading video management systems, providing users with an end-to-end solution that visually captures access events as they happen, and the ability to respond immediately.

Benefits of Openpath for your video security

Improved safety

Offer faster, superior protection and physical security for all of your employees and tenants. Triage safety and security issues in real time. Mitigate loss-prevention issues with the visual recognition of credentialed users for any given environment.

Visual context for all access control events

Visual monitoring of entries and exits across all of your locations to quickly resolve any investigation or answer common security questions.

Remote visual monitoring

In addition to Openpath’s remote access capabilities, you can visually confirm or query your entrances through a phone or tablet without any extra servers needed.

Operate more effectively

With remote lock and unlock capabilities, along with real-time reports available on your phone or computer, you can visually address issues and manage access events. This also enables you to resolve any issues outside working hours and weekends.

Reduce administrative and IT hassle

Ease of use in provisioning with no additional hardware required. Users can manage installation without requiring or draining IT resources.

Anti-tailgating capabilities

Monitor and detect tailgating as it happens to identify unauthorized users.

Openpath's open API

Leveraging our open API, Openpath technology partners Cisco Meraki, Ava, Rhombus and Camio created easy-to-deploy and well-integrated user experiences from a single pane of glass for facility and security managers. Access events and logs tie into video camera feeds and events, enabling quick video retrieval, real-time visibility to security events and accurate audit trails for compliance requirements.

Additionally, the ability to stream real time data for powerful analytics allows for infinitely more robust business intelligence insights. For those users looking for an on-premise system, Milestone is a leading VMS provider with a strong, enterprise-grade system trusted by landlords and tenants alike. And, if you’re looking to integrate with other video systems, please let us know. It’s relatively straightforward with our APIs

Featured VMS integrations

Openpath offers an integration with Ava’s video security platform (formerly Vaion) that lets you associate real-time video with access events across all your sites. Connect with Openpath entries to gain visual awareness into space usage, plus powerful machine learning capabilities to analyze occupancy and manage security from anywhere.

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Video management software integration best practices

In order to get the best quality picture with your video security system, make sure there is nothing blocking the view of the camera. If possible, the camera should be in a discreet location so that it isn’t tampered by potential intruders.

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