Enforcing fever detection at the door

Learn how to pair Openpath access control with fever screening cameras to improve safety and security.

Integrating with thermal cameras for fever detection

As thermal scanning and temperature screening technology improves and becomes more prevalent in workplaces around the world, Openpath is well-positioned to become an integral part of enforcing building security, thanks to seamless integration configurations with leading video management systems. For any company looking to take proactive safety precautions with daily temperature checks for all staff, employees and visitors, being able to quickly deploy a cost-effective solution with minimal disruption to business is essential. Openpath makes it easy to integrate access control with thermal cameras, giving organizations the tools they need to return to work with peace of mind.

Integrations with thermal cameras

For organizations incorporating thermal camera technology into their safety and security measures, Openpath’s access control can enforce the results of a temperature check at the door. Openpath is uniquely positioned to integrate with thermal camera technology as a form of multi-factor authentication prior to allowing access. 

Install the thermal cameras or infrared fever screening system in the lobby of a multi-tenant building, or just outside the office door to mitigate risk prior to entering. Disable users’ access until they complete a temperature check at the building. If the user passes the temperature screening, access is granted, and if the user’s body temperature is above the threshold, their access will be revoked for the next 24 hours and the company is notified. 

Option 1: Integrate with thermal cameras via relay wiring

In order to integrate with Openpath, the thermal detection system must support dry contact relays to connect to Openpath Smart Hubs. To set up this integration, you’ll need a thermal camera capable of detecting fevers or elevated skin temperature (EST). Wire the relay of the thermal camera in series with the Openpath Smart Hub ACU relay.

With this setup, the user will need to pass the fever detection and unlock the Openpath entry within the specified unlock period in order to activate the relay and unlock the door strike. Since the default value for this unlock period is 5 seconds, you may want to adjust this setting in the Control Center under Entry Open Duration. You can use the Openpath system to build schedules and rules for how an entry should operate, as well as to track door status and issue alerts as needed.

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform with Smart Hub ACU

  • Thermal camera system that supports dry contact relays

Option 2: Integrate with thermal cameras via Wiegand inputs

Openpath Smart Hubs also support thermal camera integrations by wiring devices into the Wiegand inputs, however this method replaces the Openpath reader at the door with the third-party camera. Users authenticate with the thermal camera, while Openpath authorizes and unlocks the entry. Openpath can also manage these Wiegand credentials and generate accurate reports around entry usage.

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform with Smart Hub ACU

  • Thermal camera system that supports Wiegand outputs

Option 3: Integrate with thermal cameras via API

Connecting a temperature screening device to Openpath via API is a great way to apply two-factor authentication to your access control. As this integration method does not require any wiring changes, it can be a convenient installation option for businesses who are looking to quickly add elevated body temperature detection to their post-COVID protocols, or who want to digitally add or remove devices from the system. When someone authenticates their access credentials with Openpath, the Openpath system will make a blocking API call to the third party system (the thermal camera or EST scanner) asking if it can open the door. Based on the feedback from the temperature screening system, Openpath will either allow or deny access to the door. 

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform with Smart Hub ACU

  • Thermal camera system that supports REST-based APIs

Additional partner integrations


Associating access events with real-time video surveillance, an Openpath and Milestone integration can help organizations implement reliable and secure temperature screenings while minimizing tailgating with access alerts. 


Kognition’s Fever Detection System uses advanced video surveillance to provide real-time alerts to identify elevated body temperature, helping organizations limit risk in their facilities. Paired with Openpath access control, this technology can be used to revoke access to users who do not pass a temperature screening.


Ideal for multi-tenant and enterprise applications, CloudGate from SoloInsight is a physical access and identity management platform that includes powerful facial recognition AI, which integrates with temperature scanning technology and access control for reliable multi-factor authentication.


While infrared thermal detection systems, contact tracing, and virus testing solutions are increasing in demand, there are also concerns regarding reliability and privacy protection with these types of technology. Thermal cameras present certain limitations when integrated with an access control system. It's important to keep in mind that thermal cameras may not always give accurate readings, and are unable to detect illness in asymptomatic individuals. Inaccurate readings will revoke a users' access privileges, and that user will be unable to enter the building. Before implementing required temperature checks or thermal scans, organizations should understand the implications and restrictions of collecting and recording personal data, including HIPAA regulations and other government regulatory compliance measures. 

Having reliable, flexible technology solutions and secure access control methods in place will help your organization create a safer workplace for everyone. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise-scale company, a single door access control system with fast, low-cost installation can help you quickly deploy and scale this monitoring technology throughout your facility. In addition to thermal camera integrations, Openpath provides complete access control systems, with features such as contactless, wave-to-unlock capabilities, enforcing social distancing through occupancy management integrations, and a fully remote platform that can be managed anywhere, any time.

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