Choose your way in

Openpath supports a wide range of access methods to create the perfect fit for you.

Flexible access control methods

Openpath mobile app

Openpath mobile access offers a unified credential by reimagining the digital badge and bridging the gap between cyber and physical security. Paired with our patented Triple Unlock technology, Openpath is the fastest, most reliable mobile credential on the market, improving security without compromising convenience.

Learn more about mobile credential technology.

Touchless Wave to Unlock

Wave your hand or phone in front of the reader to unlock the door. Openpath leverages Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, and location services to ensure the best door opening experience possible. 

Mobile Badge View

Openpath’s digital ID badge adds visual verification for heightened security. Organization administrators can customize the design with their branding, and choose which fields to display.

Automatic entry detection

The app automatically finds nearby Openpath entries and shows them on the home screen to make access fast and frictionless.

Single sign-on

Improve security posture by using one IT-approved platform to securely authenticate across your entire business.

Remote access features

Authorized users can remotely unlock any door, send digital Guest Passes, and activate Lockdown plans in the event of an emergency, all from the app. 

Real-time communication

Coming soon. Minimize security vulnerabilities with unprecedented communication tools that direct users to the right contact for feedback and troubleshooting, without leaving the app.

Hands-free entry

The Openpath reader will recognize your phone, even if it's in your purse or pocket.

  • No hands required

    Simply wave your hand in front of the reader while your phone is on you to unlock the door – no contact necessary.

  • Bluetooth recognition

    Readers use a combination of Bluetooth along with your movement to instantly recognize your mobile credential. 

  • High traffic

    Perfect for lobbies or primary entrances with lots of traffic, and any area that prioritizes convenience.

Learn more about touchless entry.

Encrypted key cards and fobs

For users who require a physical badge, Openpath offers the same level of security and convenience.

  • Secure

    DESFire EV3 128-bit AES cryptographic cards with digitally signed identifiers make it extremely difficult to clone or copy cards.

  • Backwards compatible

    MIFARE RFID cards are also supported for backwards compatibility of legacy RFID systems when running hybrid mode with a legacy card system.

  • Custom options

    Cards and fobs can be ordered in packs of 10. Custom branded keycard designs are available through an integration with InstantCard. Call and speak with a salesperson for large volume or custom design options.

  • On-demand badge printing

    Create or select custom ID badge designs with the easy-to-use Openpath Badge Template creator, then print on-demand using your own badge printer.

Learn more about key card and fob entry technology.

Watch app

All the features of the mobile app, available for Apple Watch.

  • Works with iPhone

    Watch app is tied to your mobile credential.

  • iOS compatible

    Supports iOS Watches—Watch App available in the Apple App Store.

  • Touch and go

    Keep your phone in your purse or pocket and just tap your watch screen to instantly unlock your door.

Guest pass

Send a Guest Access Link to one-time visitors from wherever you are.

  • Temporary access

    Authorized users can grant limited entry privileges to guests or service providers as needed.

  • Delivery options

    Guest Access Links can be sent via email, text, or messaging app.

  • Customizable

    Share access to one or more entries, and limit when and how long guests will have access.

  • No app needed

    Visitors can simply click the link and access entries via a web browser—no app install needed.

Tablet app

Install the app on your tablet to unlock entries or use the browser-based Control Center to administer the system.

  • Full feature set

    Our tablet app has the same features and interface as the mobile app.

  • Reception

    Ideally suited for reception areas or conference rooms so the receptionist can have easy access to open doors for visitors.

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