School campus access control systems

Complete security solutions designed to make schools safer for students and faculty, without compromising convenience or flexibility.

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Protecting the learning environment

Schools, college campuses, universities, and other educational facilities are home to our most precious and most vulnerable population. Openpath helps restrict access from the people who shouldn’t have it, and increases your school security.

Smarter school access solutions

Openpath’s powerful, cloud-based systems for K-12 and university campuses streamlines school security management and empowers educators with: 

  • Fast, reliable, and touchless mobile access for all campus buildings

  • PIN-based access to secure interior rooms, labs, faculty spaces and more

  • 24/7 remote access to all data and controls in the cloud

  • Real-time visibility and actionable security alerts

  • Automatic door schedules for school hours and special events

  • Flexible Lockdown plans that can be activated anywhere, from any device

Benefits of Openpath for your campus or school security

Create a welcoming and secure environment

Make access open and welcoming throughout your campus or facility to all with a solution that is designed to seamlessly fit into its surroundings.

Free lockdown feature

Quickly secure an education facility in an emergency situation with a range of activation options, including any remote device. Keep students safe from today’s threats with a solution that supports a variety of lockdown plans and instant alert capabilities at no additional cost.

Ideal for off-hours access management

Schools and universities can easily provide temporary access to students, parents, volunteers, and speakers alike.

Attendance tracking integration

Integrates with apps like G Suite and Active Directory to track and ensure only students, faculty, and guests are coming through the doors. In addition, our parent authentication for childcare pick-up is seamless and secure.

Event management

Schedule doors to be open for events and special programs while ensuring school security, and having access to real-time access point reporting data.

Student-friendly solution

Mobile-first school security and access control keeps up with modern faculty and student preferences.

Cost-effective wireless door locks for schools

Allegion’s Schlage® NDEB, LEB, and Control™ wireless locks offer affordable security solutions for schools, with lockdown mechanisms from the inside-out to increase safety and security during emergency scenarios. 

  • Seamlessly integrates with Openpath’s mobile access control for a fully cloud-based experience with fast, touchless unlock

  • Supports key card and key fob credentials with end-to-end encryption for enhanced security at the device level

  • Configure, manage, and control school door locks with remote access through secure cloud and web-based apps

  • Allegion Schlage NDEB locks feature an Interior Push Button (IPB) for easy lockdown from the interior

  • Open standards allow seamless integration with leading school PACS systems

Heightened security and increased flexibility when you need them most

Mobile access control for educational and non-profit organizations gives administrators the tools they need to manage and secure their facilities without sacrificing convenience.

Openpath helps schools respond to and navigate challenges associated with meeting CARES Act compliance standards.

The future-proof investment

Integrate every entry point with Openpath for a seamless experience combined with increased school security and award winning design.


Openpath enables schools and other educational facilities to upgrade their access control systems without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy technology already in place.

Directory service

Openpath's integration with your directory service application of choice allows your campus or school security and administrators to provide access to a synchronized source of authorized users.


Seamlessly enter and exit garages with hands-free mobile access. Openpath integrates with many different parking systems to improve the safety of students and staff alike.

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