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Law enforcement access control solutions

Maintain high-level security and future-proof police department buildings with cloud-based and GSA-approved FICAM on-premise access control systems.

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Modernizing physical security for police departments

Establish high-level safety and physical security within your police department through FIPS 140-2 and 201-2 compliant access control and fully cloud-managed systems. Expand access control beyond the front door with dynamic permissions for evidence rooms, debriefing areas, locker rooms, and offices. Openpath access control systems streamline monitoring with remote functionality, open standards, and the necessary compliances for high-security law enforcement deployments.

Secure cloud-based access control

Migrating to Openpath’s cloud-based access control for law enforcement gives police departments and agencies greater flexibility and control, with real-time awareness and fully remote functionality.

  • Mobile-based credentials for fast, reliable access with patented Triple Unlock technology and touchless Wave to Unlock capabilities

  • Remote access to all data and controls on any personal device, from anywhere, with customizable dashboards and multi-site monitoring 

  • Visually verify all access events at the door with built-in video capabilities and on-demand playback

  • Real-time forensic reporting and detailed access logs for streamlined auditing and incident response

  • Adjust access permissions instantly, with the ability to enable two-person control for interrogation rooms, evidence lockers, and high-security areas 

  • Secure interior doors with the Schlage® wireless lock integration, plus limitless integration support across all hardware and technology infrastructure

Manage access control on-premise

Access Control Manager (ACM) provides enterprise-class control and auditability for police departments with a fully compliant on-premise system for high-security law enforcement buildings. 

  • FIPS 140-2 and 201-2 compliant, HID pivClass technology support, and on the GSA Approved Product List

  • No software to install – 100% browser-based access and a convenient mobile app make management easier

  • Integrated access control, emergency systems, and police communications platforms with radio alerts and alarm management features

  • Open architecture enables third-party device and system integrations, and supports open non-proprietary hardware

  • Scale security to the interior with wireless door lock support from Schlage, Assa Abloy, Salto and more

  • Integrate police access control and video security with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software

Benefits of Openpath for your law enforcement access control system

Touchless Wave to Unlock capabilities

A completely contactless experience, Openpath’s mobile credentials ensure a fast, touchless entry experience with unparalleled security.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Enhance protection for high-security areas using any combination of Openpath credentials, including PIN codes, key cards, fobs and mobile.

99.9% unlock reliability

Backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, Openpath uses simultaneous Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular signals to quickly and effortlessly unlock the door, even if the Internet is down.

Fully remote software platform

Centralize police security monitoring with Openpath’s powerful cloud-based access control management software that’s accessible from any authorized device at any time.

Instant remote lockdown activation

Be prepared for any scenario with flexible emergency lockdown plans that can be activated from any computer or personal device, with the ability to share real-time activity and video with first responders.

Granular access and zone sharing

Easily adjust door schedules to allow public access to main areas, while limiting access to sensitive areas like evidence rooms with site and zone-specific user permissions.

Safety and wellness solutions for every building

Openpath integrates seamlessly with alarm systems, police CCTV cameras, and wellness technology, enabling powerful automations that improve incident response and peace of mind.

Future-proof your space

Connect every access point with Openpath for a frictionless experience that combines increased security with best-in-class technology.

Video security

Unify video and access control with leading video surveillance systems and Openpath’s Video Reader Pro in a compliant video platform accessible on any device.


Openpath seamlessly integrates with the leading elevator brands to enable secure elevator access control to specific floors, complete with easy cloud-based management.

Visitor management

Enable frictionless visitor management for law enforcement buildings with digital guest passes that unlock the right doors at the right times.

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