Discover The Best Access Control System For Commercial Buildings

"Openpath is the access control system of choice for our properties - it's a “no-brainer.” We’ve improved how our tenants enter their office every day with the best of convenience and security. This is a great upgrade for the commercial real estate industry."

Eric Roseman, Vice President of Innovation and Partnerships, Lincoln Properties

Improve tenant safety and convenience with a future-proofed, seamless mobile access solution.

Commercial property owners and managers are always looking for ways to differentiate their properties, while improving security and ease of access. Openpath enables building managers to offer “Access as an amenity” to attract new tenants, while also automating a laborious administrative function of issuing and managing keycards. The improved ease of access combined with increased security and visibility makes Openpath an easy choice for CRE properties.

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Benefits of our Physical Security & Access Control Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Future-proof investment
Openpath was designed with developers, property owners, property managers and asset managers in mind. Property managers building a new system can put the latest and greatest technology in-place so they can spend less and get more. Tenants can be rest assured that they will receive real-time updates as they occur.
Upgrade your current property
Openpath makes retrofits easy - we leverage the existing wiring to reduce your upgrade costs. Plus, we can sit alongside your legacy system and upgrade everyone to mobile credentials while still supporting existing keycards so there is no interruption in experience for current tenants.
Integrates with building systems and current workflow
Openpath integrates with Parking, Turnstile, Elevator, Visitor Management and legacy access control systems to improve the user experience with frictionless mobile access. No need to change anything - just add Openpath to make what you have even better.
Reduce operating costs
No more keycards to purchase, print, issue, replace or revoke. No more wasted time administering those cards. No need to manually import new users thanks to directory integrations. No server and IT network management and no need to upgrade software every six months with patches for every server on the campus. Spend your time delivering a great tenant experience instead of sitting behind a computer screen dealing with access control issues.
Operate more efficiently
With remote unlock capabilities and real-time reports available on your phone or computer, property managers can better help leasing agents show available office space, triage tenant issues, support and staff events and provide reporting to asset management
Control front and back offices
Security doesn't end at the front door. Easily secure supply rooms and management offices from any location.
Featured Integrations
  • Entrance
    Stock: Entrance

    Openpath enables property managers to upgrade legacy access control systems at their entrances without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy system already in place. Our Mobile Gateway lets you add our patented triple-unlock technology to your existing access control system for the fastest, most reliable mobile unlock solution; simultaneously sending Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE signals for optimal efficiency, every single time.

  • Elevator
    Stock: Elevator

    Openpath extends access control capabilities to several of the leading elevator brands, enabling building owners and tenants alike to secure and control access to specific floors.

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    • Logo: Schindler
    • Logo: Kone
    • Logo: Otis
  • Garage
    Stock: Garage

    Seamlessly enter and exit garages with hands-free mobile access. Openpath integrates with many different parking systems to provide a better tenant experience.

    • Logo: Automatic Systems
    • Logo: Skidata
    • Logo: FlashParking
  • Turnstile
    Stock: Turnstile

    Openpath integrates with all major turnstiles to prevent tailgating and provide a better office experience.

    • Logo: Automatic Systems
  • Visitor Management
    Stock: Visitor Management

    Automatically add visitors to your Openpath activity logs, and automatically grant a Guest Access link to a visitor to unlock doors during a specified time of visit. We integrate with many of the leading visitor management applications to provide guests with a pleasant experience.

    • Logo: Envoy
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  • Tenant Amenity
    Stock: HQO (600px-width)

    Openpath's open API gives property managers the ability to seamlessly integrate access control into their existing tenant amenity apps.

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    • Logo: Livly
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