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Reduce friction in the built environment

On a mission to improve convenience and security in the built environment, Openpath creates smart, customizable, mobile access control solutions.

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Logo and Video

Openpath logo with MSI tagline

Openpath logo

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Wave to unlock

Touchless elevators

Hands free

Mobile unlock

Mobile app

Openpath tablet administration

Video Reader: Reverse camera view

Video Reader: Wave to unlock

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Product images

Product: Single door controller

Product: Standard reader front (black)

Standard reader front (white)

Product: Mullion left

Product: Standard smart readers (black & white)

Black reader right

Product: Video reader

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Alex Kazerani, Openpath Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

James Segil, Openpath President & Co-founder

Rob Peters, Openpath Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Samy Kamkar, Chief Security Officer & Co-founder

Phil Goldsmith, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder

James Segil and Alex Kazerani – Openpath office close up

James Segil and Alex Kazerani – Openpath office medium shot

James Segil and Alex Kazerani holding Openpath smart readers

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