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Reduce friction in the built environment

On a mission to improve convenience and security in the built environment, Openpath creates smart, customizable, mobile access control solutions.

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Product: Standard reader (black) Standard reader (black)
Product: Standard reader (black, white) Standard reader (black, white)
Product: Standard reader flush mount (black, white) Standard reader flush mount (black, white)
Product: Standard reader surface mount (black) Standard reader surface mount (black)
Product: Standard reader touch Standard reader touch
Product: Mullion reader Mullion reader
Product: Openpath mobile app Openpath mobile app
Product: Openpath card reader Card reader
Product: Smartwatch app Smartwatch app
Product: Mobile app reader Mobile app reader
Lifestyle: Openpath tablet administration Mobile app administration
Lifestyle: Desktop administration Desktop administration
Lifestyle: Mobile reader Mobile reader
Lifestyle: Reader entrance Reader entrance
Lifestyle: Touch reader Touch reader
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Team: Alex Kazerani, Openpath Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Alex Kazerani
Openpath Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Team: James Segil, Openpath President & Co-founder (low resolution)
James Segil
Openpath President & Co-founder
Team: Rob Peters, Openpath Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Rob Peters
Openpath Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder
Team: Samy Kamkar, Chief Security Officer & Co-founder
Samy Kamkar
Chief Security Officer & Co-founder
Team: Phil Goldsmith, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder
Phil Goldsmith
Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder
Team: Kieran Hannon, Openpath Chief Marketing Officer
Kieran Hannon
Openpath Chief Marketing Officer
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