Discover The Best Access Control System For Residential Buildings

"Openpath is an easy system to administer that our residents love. With temporary guest access, our tenants love the convenience and security that comes with the guest pass feature, and saves a lot of time with the record that’s available to show guest activity when needed."

Stefany Benson, Rosewood Community Manager

Enter the next generation of building access with a true mobile experience.

Multi-tenant housing previously meant using a door buzzer or doormen to ensure authorized entries. However with greater competition for tenants and an increased need for better security, an upgraded access control experience from Openpath delivers exactly what the market needs.

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Benefits of our Door Entry and Access Control Solutions for Residential Buildings

Skip the doorman
With our mobile guest passes, landlords no longer need to have doormen let visitors into the building. With a simple text or email, tenants can let their friends, delivery people or dog walker in the door and have a record of when that person leaves or enters.
99% mobile unlock rate gives Openpath a best-in-class solution above all other mobile access systems.
Security that's cool
Seamlessly access common spaces such as mailrooms, garages and gyms. Add value for tenants by giving them the ability to let in the delivery guy without ever leaving their couch.
Garage and elevator functionality
Improve tenant safety without adding friction. Our mobile solution is easy for tenants and guests alike to get in and out of your apartment's parking garage and only access specific floors.
Backwards compatible
No need to rip out your old legacy system. Openpath is backwards compatible so there's no need to inconvenience employees and staff.
Easy to manage
No more tracking down keys and badges from numerous locations. Simplify access for contractors and real estate agents through their mobile device at the times that you determine.
Featured Integrations
  • Entrance
    Stock: Entrance

    Openpath enables landlords of multi-family housing to upgrade legacy access control systems at their entrances without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy system already in place. Our Mobile Gateway lets you add our patented triple-unlock technology to your existing access control system; simultaneously sending Bluetooth, Wifi, and LTE signals for optimal efficiency, every single time.

  • Garage
    Stock: Garage

    Seamlessly enter and exit garages or parking gates with hands-free mobile access. Our integration with many of the leading parking systems enables landlords to provide tenants with a better user experience. Through auto-detect, visitors can receive a guest pass and enter parking garages without sticking their hand out of the window.

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  • Elevator
    Stock: Elevator

    Openpath extends access control capabilities to several of the leading elevator brands, enabling building owners and residents alike to secure and control access to specific floors.

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  • Tenant Amenity
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    Openpath's open API gives property managers the ability to seamlessly integrate access control into their existing resident amenity apps.

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Experience the Openpath difference

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