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Apartment and residential building access control

Openpath’s touchless, cloud-based access control for multi-residential communities enhances security for tenants and landlords, without compromising on convenience.

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Flexible entry security for tenants and landlords

Upgrade your multi-tenant housing security with a future-proof access control system. Featuring an easy-to-use mobile app, plus the ability to integrate with wireless locks, Openpath offers a frictionless solution for multi-family residential access control. The fully cloud-based system comes with powerful reporting and digital visitor passes to strengthen security and make managing residential properties easier than ever.

24/7 residential access security

  • Enable touchless access with Wave to Unlock, plus residents can unlock the door with their mobile app or Apple Watch. 

  • Patented Triple Unlock technology works even if the Internet goes down or the power goes out.

  • Simplified access for visitors with custom mobile Guest Pass or PIN codes on secure keypad door systems.

  • Real-time awareness with activity logs and automatic alerting for access events across the entire complex.

  • Zoning allows landlords to configure access schedules for exterior entries, common spaces, and amenities.

  • Fully remote, cloud-based software streamlines multi-site management for any number of units and properties.

Secure every door with Schlage®

  • Openpath’s cloud-to-cloud integration with Schlage Control™, NDEB, and LEB wireless locks expands touchless access control to unit doors and amenity spaces.

  • Manage all Openpath-enabled entries in a single combined dashboard with fully remote, cloud-based access.

  • One mobile credential grants access to the right doors, at the right times. 

  • Supports secure access with key cards and key fobs for apartment complexes.

  • Install a single access control system for the entire community, including lobbies, mailrooms, gyms, amenity areas, elevators, parking garages, and security gates.

"Openpath is an easy system to administer that our residents love. With temporary guest access, our tenants love the convenience and security that comes with the guest pass feature."

Stefany Benson

Rosewood Community Manager

Benefits of our residential and apartment building door entry systems

Digital visitor access

Residents and property managers can easily create and send mobile guest passes and keypad PIN codes with a simple text or email. Doormen don’t need to check in visitors to grant access, and you’ll have a record of every visitor access event accessible from anywhere.

Amazing mobile experience

Integrate Openpath with tenant experience apps to allow residents to reserve community spaces, create digital visitor credentials, and remotely unlock the door for deliveries, maintenance, dog walkers, or guests.

Easy to manage

Create schedules, zones, and permissions to meet all the needs of a highly trafficked space. No more tracking down keys and badges from numerous locations. Simplify access for contractors and real estate agents through their mobile device or PIN code at the times that you determine.

Touchless, smart elevator functionality

Provide your tenants with a fully touchless elevator experience using our mobile app. Easily set provisional or long-term access to specific floors with our cloud-based software or mobile guest pass.

Backward compatible

No need to rip out your old legacy system. Openpath is backward compatible so there's no need to inconvenience employees and staff.

Apartment garage and gate security entry management

Improve tenant safety without adding friction. Our mobile solution simplifies parking garage gate entry, allowing access to specific zones based on each user’s permissions.

The Openpath difference

Connect every access point with Openpath for a seamless experience combined with increased security and award winning design.


Property owners can upgrade their residential access control and door entry systems for apartments without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy system currently in place.


Openpath works seamlessly with several of the leading residential elevator brands, enabling property managers and tenants alike to secure and manage apartment access control to specific floors.

Visitor management

Easily manage visitor permissions for your apartment building or residential complex. Schedule or automatically grant guest passes for unlocking the right entry points at the right times.

Garage and gate entry

Openpath integrates with residential gate access control systems to provide tenants hands-free and fast mobile access for frictionless entry and exit.

Tenant amenity

Our open API platform and door entry system for apartments provides property owners and managers the ability to seamlessly integrate security controls into their existing tenant amenity apps.

Video management integration

Video management software (VMS), combined with residential access control, creates a unified solution that simplifies your apartment building and multi-family residential security operations with a smarter approach to video surveillance.

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