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24/7 gym access control and door entry system

Discover the cloud-based, touchless, and smartphone-enabled solution for 24 hour gym access control.

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Redefining gym safety and security in the fitness industry

Powerful gym security without sacrificing convenience. Openpath offers reliable, touchless access solutions for every health club, whether you’re upgrading a gym swipe card entry system, or want the latest mobile-based access technology.

24/7 mobile-based, touchless gym access control

With Openpath, health club members just need their smartphone or custom PIN to get into the gym. The 24-hour gym entry system can be installed on outside entries, interior doors, and turnstiles to improve security and convenience.

  • Reduce congestion with fast, touchless entry for gyms via Wave to Unlock feature

  • Allow 24/7 access with secure keypad gym entry systems

  • Eliminate cumbersome sign-in sheets and reduce front-desk staffing requirements

  • Extend gym operating hours without hiring additional staff

  • Backward compatible with existing gym swipe card entry systems

  • Protect against tailgating and membership fraud with alerts

Optimized and integrated gym entry systems

Boost productivity and automate processes with a fully integrated gym management platform through Openpath’s gym door access system. 

  • Automate billing by connecting memberships directly to mobile credentials 

  • Prevent overdue members from gaining access

  • Streamline your check-in and sign-up process with an all-digital experience  

  • Track attendance and control class size by associating sign-up with access credentials

  • Gain insight into visitation patterns, concession purchases, and space usage

Real-time entry analytics and occupancy visibility

See your facility’s gym entry system activity as it’s happening. Openpath logs and reports all gym access control events in real-time, empowering health club owners with increased awareness and analytical insights.

  • View and filter activity dashboards by entry, time and date, user, and credential type

  • Lower costs by optimizing staffing schedules, maintenance, and concessions based on activity and usage 

  • Enforce capacity limits with occupancy tracking features

  • Create customized alerts and respond to issues quickly and efficiently

  • Quickly export detailed, customized reports for compliance and auditing purposes

Flexible gym door access credentials

Choose your way in. Use Openpath’s industry-leading mobile credentials to unlock via the smartphone app, Apple watch, tablet, or PIN for keyless gym entry. Openpath also supports encrypted key card entry and key fob systems for gyms. 

  • Create keyless entry for gyms and fitness studios with Openpath’s mobile credentials, all managed remotely

  • Secure your facility with Openpath’s encrypted gym membership card or key fob system for gyms

  • Openpath features backward compatibility with legacy gym key card systems to retain existing investments

  • Manage all your credentials remotely on Openpath’s cloud-based gym software with door access permissions, secure PIN customization and unprecedented visibility

Benefits of Openpath for your gym access control system

Touchless gym access control

Create a contactless entry experience with Openpath’s Wave to Unlock capabilities. You don’t even need to have the app open to use this touchless gym door access system.

Remote management capabilities

Fitness club admins can access the entire system from their device, anywhere in the world. Openpath’s cloud-based platform lets you trigger a remote unlock, change door schedules, add new entries, and issue or revoke credentials instantly, without having to be at the gym.

Reduce staffing costs

A single employee can oversee all entry points and users from one interface. Optimize staff schedules based on user activity, and streamline security with Openpath’s cloud-based features.

Flexible gym door access credentials

Choose your way in. Use Openpath’s industry-leading mobile credentials to unlock via the smartphone app, Apple watch or tablet apps. Openpath also supports encrypted key card entry and key fob systems for gyms.

Safety and peace of mind for your club members

Enhanced with safety and wellness solutions for social distancing, reducing common touch points, and health screenings, Openpath enables gym owners to create healthier, safer spaces.

The future-proof investment

Connect every access point with Openpath for a seamless experience combined with increased security and award winning design.


Fitness club managers can upgrade their gym access control systems at the building entry without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy security systems already in place.

Visitor management 

Easily manage visitor permissions for your gym and automatically grant guest passes for unlocking the right doors at the right times for a hassle-free experience.


Designed to work with all major commercial turnstile access control technology, Openpath mitigates tailgating while providing a frictionless entry security experience for users.