Access Control

Manage Openpath any time, from any place. Next-gen security that just works.
A next generation solution
Mobile Credential
Use a phone or smartwatch (IOS & Android) to gain entry.
Cloud Based
Manage your system from anywhere.
Lock Down
Instantly lock any door, any time from anywhere.
Openpath integrates with the solutions you already use.
Real-Time Reporting
See access events as they happen.
Guest Pass
Text a one-time key to visitors.
Zone Sharing
Landlords can share zones with tenants.
Scheduled Locking
Set schedules for any entry.
Remote Access
Unlock any door from anywhere.
Easily scalable to many sites
Whether you're a tenant or a landlord with multiple buildings, Openpath's mobile app allows full access to all doorway entry and exit points around the globe.
Building Manager
Wilshire Blvd Office
Los Angeles, CA
725 5th Ave
New York, NY
Click to Unlock
All you'll need are Openpath's Smart Hub and Readers to get your system up and running.
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Cloud Software
Manage all your sites and users from a single interface for real-time access control 24/7.
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Multiple Access Methods
Openpath has many ways in. Employees can choose which secure key fits them best.
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Feature Comparison
with Legacy Access Systems
Legacy Access Control Systems
Cloud Based - manage your system from anywhere, no need to be on the office network
Mobile unlock - use your phone or watch instead of a badge to unlock your doors (IOS & Android)
Guest Pass - text a one time key to visitors
Synchronized with Access Management Services - integrates with G Suite, Office 365 and Active Directory for easy user management
Lock Down - instantly lock any door, any time
Remote unlock - let someone in without having to go into the office
Encrypted Badges - reduce cloning and copying risks
No software - instantly scale your account to hundreds of doors and multiple locations with no IT hassle
No servers to manage - runs in the cloud
Doesn’t need a dedicated IP address or sub-network - No network configurations to manage
Reliability built in - still works if internet access is down or if power goes out (assumes installed backup batteries charged)
Real time reporting from anywhere on your phone/computer - track access events as they happen from your computer or phone
Design flexibility - readers ship with both white & black cases to fit your style
No special wiring - uses industry standards for access control
Zone sharing - allows landlords, tenants or departments to share door access across accounts
Straightforward contract - pay as you go, simple pricing, no user fees

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