The complete solution

Our cloud-based software and state-of-the-art hardware implement instantly, integrate easily, and create a system of record that delivers ultimate administrative control.

A next generation access control system

Basic Package includes all our original features, with nothing taken away: cloud-based software with an open framework that allows you to monitor your system remotely, scale up or back as needed, and integrate with the tools needed to run your business. Always with the fastest, most reliable hands-free mobile credentials in the industry.

Premium Package includes all of the features from the Basic Package, plus new enhanced multi-site capabilities, with added benefits that prioritize scalability across different locations, streamline business activity, reduce administrative burden, and increase enterprise flexibility. Great for companies managing thousands of users across multiple sites.

Select the software package that's right for you



Mobile SDK

Lifetime warranty




Flexible Lockdown is included at no additional charge for all 501(c)3 organizations

Granular and site-specific permissions

Rules Engine

Custom user fields

Milestone VMS integration

A next generation access control system

The complete Openpath systems include scalable components designed to secure everything from single doors to multi-site enterprises.

Modern hardware

Openpath’s easy-to-install hardware connects all of your entry points seamlessly, while adding a layer of sophistication to your security.

Cloud-based software

Every action and update is instantly communicated systemwide through our cloud-based platform.

Encrypted credentials

Whether you choose mobile, cards, or fobs, all access methods are secured with end-to-end AES encryption.

Open API

Openpath's open API lets you connect the applications you use everyday to your access control system.

Built to integrate with the tools you use everyday

Certified and compliant

At Openpath, we take security, privacy, and regulatory matters seriously. That’s why our hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and our readers are IP65 rated. Beyond hardware, it’s important that Openpath treats your data responsibly, which is why we’re GDPR and CCPA compliant and Privacy Shield certified. We can also help you meet your physical security requirements, like HIPAA and PCI.

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Feature Comparison
with Legacy Access Systems

Legacy Access Control Systems
Wave to unlock

Contactless door access activated by waving a hand in front of the reader


Manage your system from anywhere, no need to be on the office network or at a dedicated workstation

Mobile unlock

Use your phone or watch instead of a badge to unlock your doors (iOS & Android)

Touch unlock

Unlock the door without ever needing to take your phone out of your pocket, simply tap the reader with your hand or elbow

Fast and reliable

Patented Triple Unlock technology uses BLE, WiFi, and Cellular signals for optimal efficiency

Guest pass

Text a one time key to visitors, without requiring them to download the app

Synchronized with identity providers

Out of the box integrations with G Suite, Active Directory, and Okta for easy user management


Instantly lock any door, any time, using your phone or a variety of other input methods

VMS integrations

Enhance your lockdown and anti-tailgating efforts with our video and surveillance integrations

Remote unlock

Let someone in without having to go onsite; quickly unlock a door for a delivery person or vendor

Multiple deployment options

Use as a standalone access control system or an add-on to the one you already have

Encrypted badges

Reduce cloning and copying risks with encrypted DESFire EV2 cards

No server limitations

Instantly scale your account to hundreds of doors and multiple locations with no IT hassle

No dedicated IP address or subnetwork required

No network configurations to manage

Reliability built-in

Still works if Internet access is down or if power goes out (assumes installed backup battery is charged)

Real time reporting from anywhere

Track access events as they happen from your computer, tablet, or phone

Design flexibility

Readers available with both white & black faceplates to fit your style, as well as standard and mullion form factors

No special wiring

Uses industry standard wiring for access control, no costly cabling fees

Zone sharing

Allows landlords, tenants, or departments to share door access across accounts

Open framework

Integrate your access control system with the applications of your choice using APIs

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