Solutions for every site

Whether you're upgrading an existing system, or starting from scratch, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building in a snap.
Stand Alone System

Need an entirely new access control system?

If you're looking to secure your building or space with the convenience of next-gen technology, build your Openpath system from the inside out.

Our signature, patented technology ensures fast, reliable, hands-free mobile access, and features we haven't stopped thinking up yet.

  • Access via mobile, touch, watch, fob, key card
  • End-to-end security encryption
  • Cloud-based, real-time reporting
  • Built to integrate with your most-used programs
  • Completely customizable scheduled locking capabilities
  • Remote access
  • Easy install (standard RS-485 wiring)
Integrate System

Looking to upgrade or incorporate the system you already have?

You don't have to overhaul just to level-up with Openpath. For those who need solutions for both new and existing systems, this option delivers seamless accessibility between all sites.

  • Mobile and cloud enable an old access control system
  • Connect to your original panel with plug-and-play install
  • Your fobs, our fobs, mobile, touch — everything works together
  • Patented triple unlock feature
  • One-touch access
  • Cloud-based software, built to integrate
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Easily scalable to many sites
Whether you're a tenant or a landlord with multiple buildings, Openpath's mobile app allows full access to all doorway entry and exit points around the globe.
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