A solution for every site

Access control installation options

No matter what your requirements, we can configure a system for you. With flexible deployment options, Openpath has a solution for you no matter what your requirements. Whether you’re adding an upgrade alongside an existing system or need a complete enterprise grade access control solution, Openpath can completely modernize the accessibility of any building.

Standalone system

Need an entirely new access control system? Build one from the ground up and secure your building or space with the convenience of next-gen technology. Our signature, patented technology ensures fast, reliable, hands-free mobile access, and features we haven't stopped thinking up yet.

End to end security encryption. Choose between Hands-free entry, mobile app, keycard, fob, and watch credentials.

Integrate existing system

Looking to add mobile and cloud capabilities to your legacy system? Openpath is backwards compatible, allowing you to leverage your existing system, while adding mobile and cloud-ready technology. For those who need multi-site solutions, this option delivers seamless access across all sites.

Add Openpath alongside your legacy system for instant cloud software and mobile credential capabilities.

All access – Easily scalable to many sites

Manage it all any time, from any place.

Whether you have one building with legacy access control already installed, or multiple buildings with a range of different access control systems, Openpath can streamline and modernize your entire organization.

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