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Openpath access control integrations

Openpath's open platform allows you to create a complete solution that works with all the apps and tools you need to run your business. We support a wide range of everyday apps right out of the box with minimal setup required and easily integrate with peripheral hardware, including other legacy access control systems.


Gym Management
Identity Services
Safety and Wellness
Tenant Amenities
Video Management
Visitor Management
G Suite
Sync and manage your Openpath users directly from G Suite. Use G Suite’s Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into the Openpath Control Center.
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Active Directory
Sync and manage your Openpath users directly from Active Directory. Use Active Directory’s Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into the Openpath Control Center.
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Office 365
Sync and manage your Openpath users directly from Office 365. The first sync will import users, and users will continue to sync on an on-going basis when you add/remove users.
Sync and manage your Openpath users directly from Okta. Use Okta's Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into the Openpath Control Center.
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Sync and manage your Openpath users directly from OneLogin. Use OneLogin's Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into the Openpath Control Center.
Automatically add every Envoy visitor to your Openpath activity logs, and grant a Guest Access link to a visitor to unlock doors during a specified time of visit. Configure Envoy Protect to only grant access to employees who pass screening measures.
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Google Sheets
Export Openpath reports, user detail, zone and entry configurations, and more directly into a Google Sheet.
If you use Zendesk for internal ticketing & help desk, tickets can trigger Openpath mobile credential assignment, temporary Guest Access to unlock a door, and Openpath user creation.
Connect Openpath to hundreds of third party apps via our Zapier integration. Existing Zapier triggers include user creation, group membership management, mobile credential creation, guest link access, and more.
Eliminate the need to manually disarm your ADT alarm after entering your office. Openpath door unlocks can be integrated with ADT to trigger alarm disarm upon door unlock.
Slack integration allows users to open doors from within Slack using our Cloud Key webhooks and can also tie in to our alerting tools to notify users of specific access events.
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Openpath’s integration with Camio’s video solution lets you associate access control events with your video footage from any camera, allowing you to visually identify forced open or ajar doors, as well as review unlock attempts by user.
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Openpath’s integration with Milestone lets you associate doors and entries with cameras, enabling you to unlock and lock entries directly from the XProtect Smart Client. Available in the Premium Package and a la carte.
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Track tailgating events in real time with our Density integration. Density's anonymous people counting technology allows you to automatically receive alerts when more people enter than badge in.
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Connect your ButterflyMX video intercom system to Openpath and track entry usage in real time. Use the intercom’s built-in card reader or enhance with an Openpath Smart Reader.
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Connect Openpath to Rhombus’ video solution to track access events, easily identify when an unauthorized person accesses an Entry, and be alerted of unsuccessful access attempts.
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Coming soon. Integrate with Proxyclick’s visitor management system to require completed self-attestation forms upon entry and provide customizable visitor access to entries with Openpath.
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Cisco Meraki
In development. Integrate Openpath with Cisco Meraki’s smart cameras to associate real-time video footage with access events and full audit trails for each entry in your network, all managed from a single interface.
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Traction Guest
Coming soon. Traction Guest enables easy provisioning and management of physical badges for visitors across your locations, while simultaneously assigning credentials through Openpath, enabling building and door access for the duration of the visit.
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Sync your users to InstantCard’s online platform to quickly create customized ID badges on Openpath cards.
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Our integration with HqO promotes a seamless tenant experience, by letting you unlock Openpath entries using HqO’s mobile app.
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Coming soon. Integrate your Openpath mobile access into your workplace or building app, giving you a single place to access your work environment, amenities, receive notifications and connect with the community.
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Rise Buildings
Rise integrates with Openpath to allow occupants and staff to seamlessly access your property through one, fully-integrated platform that combines everything you need to operate your property and deliver best-in-class occupant experience.
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Savance integration with Openpath access control delivers scalable enterprise business management solutions including attendance tracking, emergency mustering, and visitor management.
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Coming soon. SoloInsight leverages Openpath’s API and SDK to enhance their CloudGate visitor management platform which includes 3D facial recognition technology.
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Coming soon. Livly’s amenity app incorporates Openpath mobile credentials and lets managers track and monitor space, and limit access based on occupancy.
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Openpath’s integration with Kognition utilizes AI-powered software to create smart enterprise solutions, supporting temperature screening, streamlined check-in and occupancy tracking.
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Connect Openpath to Ava’s AI video security platform to gain visual insights and real-time analytics into all building sites on a single interface.
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Coming soon. Integrate Openpath with VergeSense’s occupancy sensors to help enforce physical distancing as well as track tailgating and other entry-related events. Receive alerts when rooms exceed occupancy limits.
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Building Engines
Coming soon. Utilize Openpath’s remote capabilities to streamline maintenance and property management via an integration with Building Engines’ BE-Mobile app.
Coming soon. Create a complete tenant experience for coworking and multi-tenant offices when you integrate access control with the amenity and space management tools from SpaceOS.
ABC Fitness Solutions
An exclusive integration with ABC Fitness Solutions' leading gym management software empowers club owners with touchless access control and dynamic permissions that easily scale to franchise gyms.
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Angus Systems
Coming soon. An integration with the Angus AnyWhere cloud-based operations management platform enables remote capabilities including maintenance schedules, visitor credentials, and tenant services.
Coming soon. A seamless cloud-to-cloud system integration with OpenEye video surveillance associates video footage with Openpath user IDs for real-time access data, access event alerts, and easy search for auditing.
Coming soon. A bespoke integration with braXos elevator security systems and Openpath’s open API allows floor-by-floor access control for destination dispatch platforms.
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Explore your options

Here are just some of the many ways you can integrate applications and solutions with Openpath. If you have an idea for a new integration or API call, just let us know.

Directory management

Instantly upload your primary directory and have a synchronized source of authorized users that updates at the touch of a button.

Visitor management

Automatically track visitors and temporary guests. Instantly grant Guest Pass Links to open doors during a specified time slot.

Video solutions

Improve visibility and risk mitigation by combining video analytics with Openpath access control.

Communication platforms

Open doors directly from messenger systems or notify users immediately of specific access events.

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