Openpath customer case studies and reviews

How access control changes everything

Hear from companies big and small about how Openpath has improved their workspace, and their day. See why a cloud-based access control system that puts the user experience first can impact more than just how people unlock the door.

JCC Stamford

“Remote management is important for our facility. The ability to control access from anywhere in the world is huge.” - Marshall Kurland, CEO at The Stamford Jewish Community Center

One of the Kids

“We have peace of mind that the facility is always secure, while providing easy access for staff. That’s the beauty of the cloud.” - Anh Luong, CISO at One of the Kids

Embarc Collective

“The Openpath platform can be so well-integrated and managed holistically. It’s easy to use and flexible enough that we can adapt it to our needs.” - Kelly Kehoe, Vice President of Administration & Operations at Embarc Collective


“The Orbit and Openpath integration feels seamless. It’s easy to use, and it gives people the workplace flexibility they need.” - Emil Eriksrød, CEO & Founder at Recreate


“Integrating Openpath with our technology lets us offer a truly holistic solution that strengthens both security and the Sugar app experience for our customers.” - Fatima Dicko, CEO at Sugar

“Between the mobile credentials and seamless cloud integrations, Openpath is far superior to any other provider we looked at.” – Philip Deul, Director of Corporate IT at

UVA Research Institute

“Install was easy, the price was great, and it does everything that we need.” – Andy Phelps, IT Manager at the UVA Biocomplexity Institute

Novel Coworking

“Having Openpath in our spaces shows that Novel is at the forefront of building technology" – Ray Mueller, Sr Development Project Manager at Novel

Precision Science

"The system is completely dialed in. The flexible credentials and remote security features make my day-to-day seamless." – Tyler Lake, IT Network Admin at Precision Science

Rubicon Point Partners

“With this partnership, we are truly unlocking and powering the modern office experience.” – Razmig Boladian, Managing Partner at Rubicon Point Partners


“Having Openpath in place helped future-proof the lab. I can’t imagine running the lab of the future without having remote access control.” – Julio de Unamuno IV, Founder & CEO at LabFellows


“Having a cloud interface that’s easy to work with has been hugely beneficial to managing our locations.” – Patrick Brooke, Senior Manager of Innovation & Solutions at SKIDATA

Friedman Real Estate

“The Openpath and Cisco Meraki integration filled a need without having to compromise quality of service.” – Scott MacDougall, IT Director at Friedman Real Estate

Sierra Pacific Properties

“Openpath is the future of access control. The ease of use and reliability were paramount to our choice.” – Ed Fuchs, Property Manager at Sierra Pacific Properties


“We wouldn’t have been able to keep our office open during COVID without Openpath.” – Alix Gregory, Director of Workplace Experience at Robin


"You have a package that is super easy to roll out, super scalable, great support, and affordable." – Kyle Walsh, Global Security Operations Control Manager at Bird Rides

Reagan Institute

"With Openpath, we get the high-level security and control that’s expected in D.C., and the wave-to-unlock feature works seamlessly.” – Mark Fitzpatrick, CTO at the Reagan Foundation

Clinton-Macomb Public Library

"The library’s partnership with Openpath saves everyone time and increases customer convenience and satisfaction." – Larry Neal, Library Director at CMPL


"Now I get compliments from employees instead of complaints." - Jim Moran, Area Supervisor at Domino's

K1 Investments

“Openpath is really easy to use, especially because it’s integrated into our smartphones.” - Emi Matsumoto, Information Technology at K1

Foxbox Digital

“The Openpath platform made it possible for us to create a simple, modern digital experience.” - Rob Volk, Founder & CEO at Foxbox Digital

Invia Robotics

"From everyone here at Invia Robotics we wanted to thank you guys at Openpath, you really created a cool product." - Lior Elazary, CEO of Invia

Hawke Media

"It’s allowed us to have that emotional feel of an open space that’s for all of us." – Erik Huberman, Founder and CEO of Hawke Media

First Media

"I have this one solution...all of my doors all over the world are on my phone, and all we need to do is just grow our company - Openpath takes care of the rest!" - Sharon Rechter, Co-founder of First Media

Team Liquid

"The first impression people have even before they walk in the door is 'wow – how cool is this, I can use my phone to open the doors!'" - Steven Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

"Almost all our employees have the mobile app and use it everyday!" - Nitin Thakor, CEO of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions


"Openpath is reliable, consistent and easy to use." - James Stewart, CFO of Catchpoint

Leaf Group

"Openpath is one of the few solutions that I've ever rolled out where people have actually told me how much they love it." - Scott Haynes, Facilities Director at Leaf Group


"Openpath just made it so easy to get into our offices." - Robert Charming, Head of Business Operations at Kustomer
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