Hear from our happy customers about how they use Openpath to improve the appeal, access and security of their workspaces
Invia Robotics
"From everyone here at Invia Robotics we wanted to thank you guys at Openpath, you really created a cool product" - Lior Elazary, CEO of Invia
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"Openpath is a great solution that made a big difference for us and we've had a great experience using it" - Andy Klienman, CEO Wonder
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First Media
"I have this one solution...all of my doors all over the world are on my phone, and all we need to do is just grow our company - Openpath takes care of the rest!" - Sharon Rechter, Co-founder First Media
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Team Liquid
"The first impression people have even before they walk in the door is 'wow – how cool is this, I can use my phone to open the doors!'" - Steven Arhancet, Co-CEO Team Liquid
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