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Unparalleled technology

Openpath was built on the pillars of scalability, reliability, security, and interoperability.

The foundations of our access control platform

Best of both worlds

"Our system offers the best of both worlds – it's in the cloud, but works if the Internet is down. It's mobile ready but also supports cards. It integrates with legacy systems but also supports the latest in encryption and cyber security” – Rob Peters, CTO

We tripled-down on reliability

Access control, at its most basic level, should unlock a door when an authorized person shows intent to enter. It should happen quickly and it should work every time. Our unique, patented Triple-Unlock technology sends simultaneous Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular signals each time you unlock a door for the fastest, most reliable mobile solution on the market. You’ll never have to worry if the Internet is down, or cell service is spotty.

Scalable architecture
Hardware & software
Communication paths
  • Web portal
  • APIs
  • Database
  • Messaging Protocol
  • Certificate management + signing
  • Reporting + Analytics
  • Monitoring
  • Integrations
  • Mobile Credential
  • Triple redundancy unlock
  • Cloud key access sharing
  • Secure private key storage
  • Proxy between phone and Smart Hub
  • No secrets on reader
  • No secrets in transit
  • Reads secure cards
Smart Hub
  • Local API + Database to process unlock requests
  • Hardware controllers for readers and door hardware
  • Synchronizes user data + entry configuration with Cloud
  • Sends telemetry and logs

We wanted to build Openpath differently

That's why we make it easy to get direct technical support through chat, phone, and email. The sooner we can hear and address your issues, the sooner we can deliver the kind of features, service, and experience you should expect.


Network and device monitoring systems are built right into our products to ensure a smooth experience for our users. Should a problem arise, our diagnostic and troubleshooting insight will help us resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Proactive fixes

Our mobile apps and Smart Hub both dial home and let us know if they are experiencing issues, giving the system the chance to self-correct before escalating alerts to our engineering team.


Because we understand the serious impact of a system failure, we set out to prevent this from being an option. Openpath is configured to withstand power failures and Internet outages.


Access control systems are only as secure as their fundamentals. We designed Openpath as an ecosystem, complete with solutions to some of the most common complaints in the industry.


Our Smart Hub and Cloud control panels were built to be a connected part of all your office technology. Learn how you can benefit from our integrations with the technology you already use to run your business.

Development tools

We are an open platform and give you the tools to fit us in any way you want. Learn more about how you can build Openpath into your business processes, leveraging our powerful APIs.