Security Tailgating Prevention & Mitigation

Openpath's best-in-class security tailgating integrations keep unwanted visitors out of the office

User using Camio to view tailgating events

Our Camio and Density integrations provide a complete solution that identifies security tailgating incidents as they occur. From a single dashboard, administrators have the ability to respond to tailgating threats in real time and immediately locate the entry where the tailgating attempt occurred to take preventative action.

Openpath, together with Camio and/or Density, support deployment models across buildings and offices of all shapes and sizes. This offers a proactive approach to tailgating vulnerabilities, keeping employees safe without adding friction. Traditional access control systems leave buildings susceptible to tailgating, which can lead to both physical and cyber security theft. Of the major security issues impacting corporate businesses, tailgating is becoming more common as it is primarily unnoticeable within a crowd of people.


  • Improved safety and security - Faster, superior protection for all employees and tenants. Jointly addressing cyber and physical security needs for next-level asset protection.
  • Full visibility - Visual monitoring of every entry and exit across all of your locations to quickly resolve or investigate security questions.
  • Monitor remotely - Manage all of your entrances across all buildings and offices from a single pane of glass. This provides flexibility to handle any issues that occur outside of working hours and weekends.
  • Operate more effectively - Users can instantly be notified of any potential security breaches and address them just as quickly. Includes full reporting capabilities to meet any compliance needs.

Openpath's integration with Camio's video analytics capabilities let you associate tailgating events with your video footage remotely, anytime, from any camera. Simply search for tailgating events in your Camio dashboard to find the exact moment an uncredentialed visitor enters the office. With searchable video clips, you can quickly identify the potential intrusion and securely share them with the appropriate audiences. This allows security personnel to quickly resolve investigations and triage potential security liabilities.

Density is people-counting technology that detects when someone enters or exits your building. In conjunction with Openpath’s cloud-based access control, tailgaters are instantly detected when an uncredentialed visitor enters behind a credentialed one, signaling an in-app alert. This enables security teams to identify unauthorized people before they become a security threat.

Anti-Tailgating Best Practices

  • Install physical barriers Ideal for high-volume traffic areas, turnstiles help ensure that only one authorized person is admitted at a time. When used along with Openpath Smart Readers, they’re a reliable way to prevent tailgating, especially for larger enterprise buildings.
  • Install cameras and use a video management system Instead of (or in addition to) cameras, combat tailgating by using people sensors to anonymously count people entering and exiting your building. When integrated with your Openpath access control system, you can receive automated alerts when tailgating events occur.
  • Set shorter unlock times In addition to all the suggestions above, customize your Openpath settings to discourage tailgaters. For example, consider shortening your Entry Open Duration to only allow one person to enter at a time. Lastly, ensure your doors have Contact Sensors configured so you can be alerted of ajar doors that a tailgater might take advantage of.
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