COVID-19 safety and wellness solutions

Technology to confidently reopen your workplace or building

Openpath’s Safety & Wellness Solutions toolkit utilizes robust access control alongside strategic integrations with 15+ industry-leading technology companies to automate security procedures and enforce compliance. The COVID-19 workplace safety and wellness technology from Openpath delivers peace of mind and protection when it matters most, with access to free white paper guides plus implementation options to fit your needs.

100% touchless access

Enter and exit without touching a reader or a door handle. With features like wave-to-unlock, unlocking via a mobile app, and automatic door opener integration, Openpath gives you hands-free access throughout your entire workplace, all backed by our patented Triple Unlock technology.

Enforce social distancing

Automate occupancy thresholds by leveraging Openpath’s enforcement APIs, which integrate with occupancy management solutions to monitor the number of people entering a space, enforce capacity limits, and track activity levels throughout your building.

Automate symptom screenings

Automate symptom check procedures as part of your COVID-19 safety solutions for reopening your workplace. Openpath integrates with best-of-breed user management platforms, requiring completed wellness verification forms to trigger mobile access credentials for safer, more reliable entry.

Implement on-site temperature checks

Protect key entry points throughout your building with on-site video management technology and temperature screenings. By integrating thermal cameras with Openpath, you can automatically associate a temperature scan with a user’s credentials.

Configure contactless elevators

Use COVID-19 workplace safety and wellness solutions throughout your building by eliminating touch points in your elevators. Integrate Openpath’s hands-free mobile credentials with your existing elevator system, or use a bespoke integration for a 100% touchless experience.

COVID-19 features

Openpath’s cloud-based platform ensures your building is secure, even when nobody is there. Get added flexibility with fully remote COVID-19 building safety features including instant mobile credentialing, easy door schedule changes, access alerts and more.

Get the COVID-19 Office Safety Guide

Additional insights and solutions for reopening your building, complete with a comprehensive workplace security checklist to help you adapt for the future.