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Enterprise safety that scales

Business access control

On a mission to improve the workplace experience, Openpath puts the user first. Openpath designed an enterprise access control solution that is easy to install, scales with your business and has customizable, affordable options.

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Benefits of Openpath for your business access control

Integrates with your enterprise applications

Openpath provides a seamless experience for businesses to integrate their office security with applications used every day such as Active Directory, G Suite, Okta and Slack.

Reduce administrative and IT hassle

Cloud-based so no servers to manage. No more printing and issuing badges with a mobile credential. Not ready to go mobile? No problem. Keep using badges and use our mobile credential as a backup. We’re flexible and meet your access credential needs.

Security built for enterprise companies

Delight your IT and security teams with end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and easy to configure security features.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your office

Know you offer better protection and physical security for all of your people. Triage safety and security issues in real-time.

Scales to your needs based on one or multiple offices

Our backwards compatibility gives you the freedom to use Openpath alongside different legacy office access control systems at different locations. Use your fobs, our fobs, mobile device, Apple Watch, and hands-free access interchangeably - everything works together.

Compliance matters

Achieve requirements for any of your compliance needs.

Guest pass anyone?

Issue temporary digital guest passes for visitors and contractors. Openpath integrates with visitor management systems and makes visiting your office a pleasure for anyone.

Remote unlock

Users with privileged access can unlock any door from anywhere. No more driving to the office to meet the contractor or let in the person who lost their keys.

The Openpath difference

Connect every access point with Openpath for a seamless experience combined with increased security and award winning design.


Business owners can upgrade their access control and door entry systems without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy infrastructure already in place.


Openpath integrates with parking and gate access control systems for businesses giving customers and staff hands-free mobile access for frictionless entry and exit.


Openpath integrates seamlessly with several of the leading elevator brands, enabling business owners and staff alike to secure and manage office access control to specific floors.


Designed to work with all major office building turnstile access control technology, Openpath mitigates tailgating while providing a frictionless entry experience for users.

Visitor Management

Easily manage visitor permissions for your office or business and automatically grant Guest Passes for unlocking the right entry points at the right times from anywhere.

Video Management Integration

Video management software (VMS), combined with physical access control, creates a unified solution that simplifies your security operations with a smarter approach to IP video surveillance.

Featured integrations

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