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"Openpath allows us to sleep at night knowing that we have the best technology possible for physical security in our building."

Sean Moriarty, Leaf Group CEO

Now your security can be as sleek as your office.

Customers come first. With detailed support documents and best-in-class technical support, Openpath has customer service unparalleled to the industry.

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Benefits of our Door Entry & Access Control Solutions for Your Business Security

Integrates with your enterprise applications
Openpath provides a seamless experience for businesses to integrate their security with applications used every day such as Active Directory, G Suite, Okta and Slack.
Scales to your needs based on one or multiple offices
Rest assured your employees have the same great experience in each office.
Security built for enterprise companies
Delight your IT and security teams with end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and easy to configure security features.
Compliance matters
Achieve requirements for any of your compliance needs.
Reduce administrative and IT hassle
Cloud-based so no servers to manage. No more printing and issuing badges with a mobile credential. Not ready to go mobile? No problem. Keep using badges and use our mobile credential as a backup. We’re flexible and meet your access credential needs.
Keep your finger on the pulse of your office
Know you offer better protection and physical security for all of your people. Triage safety and security issues in real-time.
Guest pass anyone?
Issue temporary digital guest passes for visitors and contractors. Openpath integrates with visitor management systems and makes visiting your office a pleasure for anyone.
Remote unlock
Users with privileged access can unlock any door from anywhere. No more driving to the office to meet the contractor or let in the person who lost their keys.

"Everybody always had their phone with them, so Openpath just makes sense."

Robert Charming, Kustomer Head of Business Operations

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Featured Integrations
Active Directory
Openpath’s integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory service allows your tenants to provide Openpath with a synchronized source of authorized users for their access control system.
G Suite
Openpath offers an out of the box integration to easily support and manage users from G Suite and keep them synchronized over time. When a user is removed from G Suite, that user is automatically removed from Openpath.
Openpath’s integration with Okta eliminates the manual data entry of adding users one by one with an integration that allows you to easily import and manage users from Okta and keep them synchronized over time.
Office 365
Businesses can sync and manage Openpath users directly from Office 365. The first sync will import users, and users will continue to sync on an on-going basis when users are added or deleted.
For businesses that use Envoy as their visitor management system, we offer an integration that lets you easily assign access to guests on a fixed schedule. Through Envoy, an employee can send a cloud key to a visitor coming to an office.
Our integration with Slack allows users to open doors from within the app using our Cloud Key webhooks and can also tie in to our alerting tools to notify users of specific access events.
Experience the Openpath difference

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