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Discover cloud-based, flexible access control solutions tailored for large businesses and multi-site organizations.

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Adaptable corporate and enterprise access control solutions

Create safer, more secure spaces with complete access control. Built to scale for thousands of users across multiple locations, Openpath centralizes security management with robust cloud-based software and seamless integrations, all managed from a single pane of glass.

Openpath President, James Segil, discusses how the enterprise-grade access control system merges your physical and cyber security strategies to safeguard your most valuable assets.

Future-proof technology increases ROI

Openpath gives you unprecedented visibility and control over all your locations, so you can do more with less investment.

  • Lower costs with automatic system-wide updates

  • Automate processes across your enterprise

  • Adaptable technology scales up or down with ease

  • Increase awareness with business intelligence tools that ingest data from Openpath’s open API

  • Maintain audit logs of admin portal activity and control who has access to your data

Flexible cloud-based solutions

Centralize your enterprise-grade access control system with the agile cloud-based platform, all managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Site-specific controls for every location and user on a single interface

  • Reduce IT costs with no expensive licensing or software to renew

  • Effortlessly add new entries, locations, or scale back your system

  • Boost productivity with instant credentialing in the cloud

  • Customize visitor access with PIN or digital Guest Pass credentials

App Marketplace for IT-approved integrations

Merging physical and cybersecurity on open standards, Openpath’s growing app and feature ecosystem helps enterprises adhere to the most stringent security and compliance standards in the industry. 

  • Apps from 45+ leading technology providers to seamlessly integrate with the software and tools you use every day

  • Limitless scalability with open API and mobile SDK

  • Secured with end-to-end encryption at every level 

  • Reliable offline functionality, even if the Internet goes down 

  • Real-time visual reporting with leading video management and mobile solutions

Enterprise-grade software 

Our Premium and Enterprise software packages include features designed to make managing any number of locations easier and more efficient. 

  • Sync and manage users with custom fields and permissions

  • Automate processes across all IoT connected sites and devices

  • Set capacity limits with built-in occupancy tracking features

  • Flexible Lockdown improves emergency response and safety

  • Fully customizable dashboards that allow each user to monitor the data that is relevant to their day to day needs anywhere on any device

“As a technology company, we always lead with cutting-edge experiences. Between the mobile credentials and seamless cloud integrations, Openpath is far superior to any other provider we looked at.”

Philip Deul

Director of Corporate IT

Benefits of Openpath for your enterprise access control system

Touchless enterprise access control

Create a contactless office entry experience with Openpath’s Wave to Unlock capabilities. Employees don’t even need to open the app to use the touchless enterprise access control system. Openpath also supports encrypted key card entry and key fob systems for offices, and unlock via the smartphone app, Apple Watch, and tablet app.

Automate processes with limitless integration capabilities

Openpath’s open API architecture offers seamless integration with all the apps and tools you need to run your business for full customization and automation across your entire enterprise.

Scalable, interoperable solutions

Backwards compatibility gives you the freedom to use Openpath alongside legacy office access control systems at different locations, with the option to containerize and adjust access levels for subleasing. All your keycards, fobs, mobile credentials—everything works together.

Remote lockdown capabilities

Openpath’s award-winning Flexible Lockdown allows you to create custom Lockdown plans for each location and scenario, then activate and revert a Lockdown from any authorized device.

Mitigate risk across locations

Openpath comes equipped with the ability to send automatic security alerts, create detailed audits, and features designed to prevent tailgating to stop threats before they occur.

Real-time visibility

View all entry activity, track and manage occupancy, adjust access privileges on the fly, respond to real-time alerts, and do it all from your device without having to call in a professional services team.

Frictionless, secure mobile access

A single, unified credential for all your locations. The mobile app offers customizable digital badges with visual verification, automatic entry detection, and remote access features, all backed by our patented Triple Unlock technology for the fastest, most secure entry experience.

24/7 customer service

Because Openpath manufactures both the hardware and software, unlike most other solutions, you don’t have to worry about tracking down the correct manufacturer for a particular part. Our door is always open for you.

Fortify your security and compliance

Openpath is fully SOC 2 and CCPA compliant. Our hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and our readers are IP65 rated. We can also help you meet your physical security requirements, like HIPAA, GDPR and PCI.


Business owners can upgrade their access control and door entry systems without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy infrastructure already in place.

Video management

Video management software (VMS), combined with physical access control, creates a unified solution that simplifies your security operations with a smarter approach to IP video surveillance.


Openpath integrates seamlessly with several of the leading elevator brands, enabling business owners and staff to secure and manage office access control to specific floors.


Openpath integrates with parking and gate access control systems to give customers and staff hands-free mobile access for frictionless entry and exit.


Designed to work with all major office building turnstile access control technology, Openpath mitigates tailgating while without interrupting the flow of traffic in your lobby.

Visitor management

Easily manage visitor permissions for your office or business and automatically grant Guest Passes for unlocking the right entry points at the right times—from anywhere.

Comprehensive enterprise security guide

Learn how to create a complete enterprise security strategy to improve asset protection and safeguard your data with our free guide.