The secure, scalable and future-proof solution

Flexible enterprise access control

Openpath’s enterprise access control system is designed for maximum scalability, utilizing a cloud-based platform that offers more flexibility with superior interoperability and best-in-class features that are unmatched in the industry.

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Fortify your security and compliance

End-to-end encryption, mobile credentials that can’t be cloned, and multi-factor authentication with offline functionality for peace of mind, even if the internet goes down. Openpath integrates with your VMS for real-time awareness and alerts, with lockdown and tailgating capabilities to reduce security incidents. 

Openpath is also fully SOC 2, GDPR and CCPA compliant. Our hardware is UL 294 and FCC compliant, meets European and Canadian standards, and our readers are IP65 rated. We can also help you meet your physical security requirements, like HIPAA and PCI.

Secure your world, your way

A comprehensive enterprise access control plan is about more than just the perimeter. It’s what’s on the inside—the heart and soul of your business—that counts. Protect your most valuable assets with Openpath.

Future-proof your largest asset

Scale to multiple sites, add new credentials with the click of a button, and manage the system remotely from a single screen. Openpath is cloud-based and backwards compatible with legacy systems, making it easy to add new locations or retrofit and integrate with existing security in multi-tenant buildings, with the option to containerize and change access levels for subleasing.

Reduce IT burden

Eliminate servers, local hardware, dedicated IP networks and VPN access. The open API supports integrations with all the enterprise IT systems your company uses, all while meeting strict compliance and security standards. Instant scale in the cloud means adding buildings and sites can be managed remotely from a single interface. With automatic software updates, your system is always operating on the cutting edge of business.

Your facilities champion

Easily manage multiple sites from a single screen, eliminating the need to have an administrator at every location. Remotely change access schedules for workers as needs shift with access control for multiple buildings. The cloud-based SaaS model gives you the ability to scale your capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of your business, without investing in IT hardware and resources. Space management and occupancy reports help landlords better utilize the entire workspace.

Support HR productivity

Efficiently onboard new employees with the click of a button by integrating with identity services such as G Suite or Active Directory. Instant mobile credentials make it simple to add or revoke access to any building or schedule, easily accommodating your company needs as they evolve and change.

Improve employee experience

Designed with the end user in mind, employees don’t even need to take their phone out of their pocket to use our hands-free, mobile credentials. Openpath’s flexible access control works alongside encrypted RFID keycards and ID badges with patented Triple Unlock technology for best-in-class security and convenience. Issue digital guest passes, plus integrate with visitor management systems to make visiting your office a pleasure for anyone.

24/7 customer service

Help is only one phone call away. Because Openpath manufactures both the hardware and software for its enterprise access control model, unlike most other solutions, you don’t have to worry about tracking down the correct manufacturer for a particular part. With a lifetime warranty, our door is always open for you.

Benefits of Openpath business access control systems

When you’re ready to expand, Openpath is, too. Modular systems, multiple hardware options, and cloud software features make scaling your access control simple.

Integrated access control for multiple buildings, facilities and campuses

One platform. Endless functionality. Designed to effortlessly integrate on one centralized platform, Openpath supports all the core systems for all your buildings to increase productivity, improve decision making, and create a superior user experience.


Upgrade to business access control that’s keyless for completely hands-free experience. Openpath’s mobile credentials get you in and out quickly, without sacrificing security.


Integrating Openpath with parking and gate access control systems gives customers and staff hands-free mobile access for fast, reliable entry and exit throughout your premises.


Openpath integrates seamlessly with leading elevator brands, enabling business owners to secure and manage hands-free office access control to specific floors.


Designed to work with all major office building turnstile access control technology, Openpath mitigates tailgating without interrupting the flow in your lobby.

Visitor management

Easily manage visitor permissions for your office or business and automatically grant Guest Passes for unlocking the right entry points at the right times—from anywhere.

Video management

Video management software (VMS), combined with physical access control, creates a unified solution that simplifies your security operations with a smarter approach to IP video surveillance.

Customize your enterprise access control plan

Openpath’s open API lets you customize a complete solution that works with all the apps and tools you need to run your business. 

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