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Wave to unlock: touchless access control

The health and safety of all employees, staff, and visitors is a top concern for any organization when it comes to reopening a workplace or communal building. Reducing common touch points is suggested by health authorities as a way to promote a healthier space and prevent illness transmission, but this often presents added challenges for organizations. Door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons are all high-touch surfaces that can be difficult to maintain throughout a busy day.

At Openpath, we are innovating new ways to allow hands-free, touchless entry and exit within any size organization to help you meet state and local regulations so you can reopen with confidence.

Touchless Entry Systems

Door access methods, such as keypads or biometric readers, and door handles are some of the most commonly touched surfaces in any building. When it comes to returning to work safely, eliminating the need to make contact with those common touch points upon entry creates a more hygienic environment for everyone. Openpath’s touchless access control is an excellent choice for any organization looking to remove this health hazard, with mobile credentials and hands-free unlock configurations that can accommodate any size organization. 

Option 1: Unlock by waving your hand in front of the reader

This method offers you 100% touch-free access control. Depending on the configuration, the Openpath reader’s capacitive technology can sense hand gestures up to a few inches away. A user waving a hand in front of the reader triggers authentication and authorization requests with a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), even if the phone is in a pocket or purse. With fast, reliable access, this touchless door activation method keeps people moving through your facility without creating crowding around lobbies or entryways.

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform

  • Openpath Mobile App

Option 2: Unlock the door directly from the app on your phone

While many access control systems require users to touch a common reader, keypad or biometric scanner, Openpath users can unlock a door using the Openpath app. The user simply opens the app on their smartphone when in proximity to the Openpath reader, and taps a button to trigger the unlock. The Openpath app uses triple unlock technology, sending the unlock request simultaneously via BLE, Wi-Fi, and cellular data, so it works even if the Internet is down. This method helps add an extra layer of security by leveraging biometric and multi-factor authentication built-in to the user’s smartphone.

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform

  • Openpath Mobile App

Automatic Door Opener Integration

Automatic doors can help reduce liability in your facility, but it’s unrealistic for most companies to replace all the doors in their facilities, considering the disruption to business and cost of upgrading to ADA automatic doors. However, you can easily install hands-free automatic door opener hardware on an existing electrified door to eliminate that added touch point and promote a touchless, ADA compliant workplace. Openpath hardware works with a variety of ADA automatic door openers, including Allegion’s automatic operators to create a touchless entry kit that’s 100% hands-free. Simply install the hardware on a door with Openpath readers, and connect the automatic door opener to a relay on the Openpath Smart Hub ACU to respond when the door is unlocked. An Openpath single door access control system can accommodate up to two entries, making it easy for organizations to add touchless access control with fast, low-cost installation. The user simply needs to trigger an unlock using one of our hands-free entry methods (wave-to-unlock or in-app unlock), and the touchless door activation hardware will open the door—no touching necessary.

What is needed:

  • Openpath Access Control Platform

  • Automatic Door Opener hardware

  • Openpath Mobile App

  • Request more information on touchless access control with automatic door opener technology.

Use Case: Hands-Free Office Building in NYC

Real estate investment firm KPG Funds has chosen to use Openpath’s mobile access control system throughout its newest commercial real estate project in New York City, L'Atelier at 446 Broadway. 

As NYC’s first frictionless boutique office building, L'Atelier at 446 Broadway implements Openpath’s touchless readers at the front door of each office, and floor-by-floor for the elevator and stair tower access for a secure, hands-free experience throughout the entire building.

Tenants in L'Atelier at 446 Broadway will be able to access their offices via Openpath’s touchless entry methods, either with wave-to-unlock or in-app unlock on their smartphones. In addition, the hands-free mobile credentials will allow tenants to access the elevator and stairwell associated with their designated floor, with end-to-end encryption and real-time access data to keep the building safe and secure, even when nobody is present.


As organizations begin to implement new processes and guidelines to create a safer environment, it’s important to have flexible technology solutions that allow quick, low-cost deployment to minimize business interruptions. In addition to hands-free entry and exit, consider access control systems that offer seamless integrations with elevators, turnstiles, and parking garages to further reduce touch points throughout the building. Openpath’s cloud-based platform gives administrators remote management capabilities that streamline processes with access to real-time data, ensuring your facilities are secure even when you aren’t there. 

Upgrading to touchless access control systems is one step you can take to reduce illness transmission in any building. Openpath has many different access control methods and tools available to integrate with employee health screenings, bolster security, automate on-site temperature checks, and hands-free access to help you protect what matters most.

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