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Installers and Reseller Partners
We send customers to you! With a constant stream of requests for our leading mobile access control solution, Openpath builds relationships with trusted installers nationwide who we can refer new customers to. If you are interested in partnering with us to grow your business and work with exciting new technology, we would love to hear from you. Contact us using the form below.
Technology Partnerships
Creating a solution with robust customization options that offer best-in-class security features means offering the latest and greatest in the industry. Our cloud-based technology offers flexible integration hooks for a wide variety of partners. Contact us if you're interested in discussing how our tech solutions can work together.
The Openpath Difference

Openpath access control solutions are cloud-based and mobile-ready. With our patented, next-generation technology, Openpath offers a more secure, customizable solution for the modern workplace and a frictionless, convenient, state-of-the-art solution for the installer.

Partner Program Benefits
Recurring Revenue
Make monthly recurring revenue by sharing monthly access control fees. You’ll also be able to bundle adjacent products and services such as alarm, monitoring and/or management.
Exclusive Product Discounts
You’ll get professional pricing and terms. Openpath will also provide exclusive training, live VIP support and customer referrals to help your business grow.
Remote Diagnostic Tools
Remote system management allows you to monitor all sites from a single pane of glass. Reduced service calls and wasted drive time means fewer truck rolls for you!
Easy to Install Solutions
Openpath has been designed to make installations seamless. Openpath works with existing wiring and locking hardware. We’ve included a power supply, removable connector blocks, and reverse polarity protection. The software and hardware come preconfigured to allow for turnkey installations.
Service and Technical Support
Openpath provides direct technical support to your customer which reduces your support burden for software related questions. Openpath also provides install support for on-the-spot technical guidance.
Stand out from the Competition
Provide your customers with the first solution to crack the mobile experience. We are the only access control system with hands-free entry and patented SurePath technology.
Experience the Openpath difference

Local Access Control Installer and Company Partners

Openpath services thousands of businesses nationally and internationally, including the below top locations:

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