Designed for the Modern Workplace

Ask an Architect why design matters in the workplace

AJ Wilder thinks a lot about how people use their workspace. As CEO of Wolcott Design, one of the top ranked architecture and design firms in the country, he is creating the perfect work environment for business owners every single day. With AJ the motto "less is more" means office security should feel like an organic and natural extension of a beautifully designed office. Openpath exceeds his expectations - learn why.

We fit right in
Reduce friction in the modern workplace
For the office that doesn’t want to compromise ease for security, Openpath is innovative, intelligent access control that automates your security infrastructure so you can focus on managing your business.
Design Evolution
The evolution of the product design
We designed something we had always wanted but had never found. We are inspired by the automation happening in all of our homes and wanted to bring that same feeling to the workplace.
Our beginning
A vision of beauty
Our vision was to make something beautiful from what was otherwise mundane. We wanted to reduce the overhang, the boxiness, the flat and the unremarkable with something timeless and organic. We wanted the first thing you see when you arrive at an entry to welcome you in... to give you've arrived.
Practical design
When you move off the drawing board to the physical, everything gets real. The curves, the size, the light, the sounds, the ruggedness. Making something fit into any style office takes love and energy. Making something manufacturable takes persistence and expertise. It takes redesign and then more redesign till you get it right.
Then you have it
and it's so cool!
It's what you want to see every time you walk up to a door. Lights that welcome you and remind you you're in, and a design that blends right into the wall like it was meant to be there. Work feels like home, it feels safe and welcoming. That's how we wanted to feel and we are delighted to share our vision with you. Design extends well beyond the hardware as the experience of cool starts with the mobile application and follows you with every open door and satisfying click of an opening lock.

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