Lockdown security

Our award-winning solution provides you fast-acting, flexible security when you need it most.

Leading lockdown system for school, office, and religious buildings

Activate a lockdown anytime, from anywhere, by any method

Our Flexible Lockdown solution provides the ability to activate or revert lockdown plans from any remote device, including a mobile phone, or third-party trigger. In addition, administrators are provided robust flexibility to send real-time alerts and create unlimited lockdown plans based on the level of severity, associated protocols, and zones.

Award-winning protection for the built world

"Having the ability to create multiple plans and activate them from a remote device is a requirement we keep seeing from schools, companies, and landlords who need to respond to today's current threat landscape."

– Ryan Schonfeld, CEO of RAS Security Group

Benefits of our door Lockdown system

Create the right lockdown option for you

Customize office or school lockdown plans for any emergency situation, including active shooter, natural disasters, and unsolicited visitors.

Control a lockdown plan at anytime from anywhere

Trigger or revert a building or campus lockdown security plan from your phone, laptop, tablet, or with a keycard at a reader. Openpath's secure Lockdown feature can be activated remotely or onsite.

Instantly share video feed with first responders via VMS integration

Through Openpath's third-party video management system integrations, provide real-time video feed from all the relevant cameras, enabling first responders to act accordingly.

Activate a lockdown event from third-party data feeds

Openpath’s open platform means we integrate with a wide range of third-party devices, like an AWS IoT button, panic button, wired trigger, or gunshot detector.

Event management

When hosting events or special gatherings at your location, unlock specific entry points instantly and override schedules, or control your door Lockdown system remotely.

Free to educational and non-profit organizations

Our Flexible Lockdown feature, with unlimited plans and instant alert capability, is included at no additional cost for all schools and 501(c)(3) organizations.

The right Lockdown solution for you

See how Openpath Lockdown improves safety for schools, religious institutions, and office buildings, plus learn the best practices for security and safety planning.

Lockdown for businesses and offices

In an enterprise setting, businesses need to take the utmost precaution with employee security and comfort. With Openpath Lockdown, you can rest assured that your plans are implemented quickly and efficiently. In addition to all the features Openpath customers receive such as real-time reporting, remote management, and cloud access, Lockdown includes all the capabilities needed to enact designated plans, such as our leading mobile technologies. Our door Lockdown system also seamlessly integrates with other mustering and alerting systems so personnel can understand where employees are in every part of the building at all times during an emergency.

Learn more about the benefits of our access control system for office security.

Educational facilities and school lockdown

Whether you’re in a K-12 setting or a university, protecting students, and teachers, administrators and parents is a top priority. As violence and safety issues become more prevalent on school campuses, school administrators need to ensure that students feel safe in their learning environments. Fortunately, Lockdown has purpose-built functionality that ensures both convenience and security are paramount for today’s busy students. Create multiple plans to handle activities before school, during the day and after, and for the weekend. In addition, our Lockdown capabilities can handle a wide range of scenarios, with customized options for each.

Learn more about the benefits of our access control system for school security and educational facilities.

Lockdown solutions for religious institutions

Places of worship want to project a welcoming atmosphere and openness to all of their congregants. However, given the rise of external safety incidents, organizations need the ability to swiftly counter a number of threats, while retaining an “open door” policy to the general public. Through Openpath’s state-of-the-art Lockdown capabilities, administrators can ensure a building’s safety almost instantaneously with a phone, card, or via the online portal, allowing them the flexibility to maintain an inviting environment, but with the ability to activate their Lockdown plan with the push of a button for added peace of mind. Plus, third-party triggers such as gunshot and glass break detectors are supported, providing a robust out-of-the-box solution.

Learn more about the benefits of our access control system for churches, synagogues, and other holy sites.

Lockdown procedure best practices

  • Create unique plans for different scenarios

    Openpath Flexible Lockdown lets you create unlimited secure Lockdown plans to address various scenarios. For example, a plan for suspicious packages will lock down entries near delivery areas, whereas an active shooter safety plan will trigger a sitewide lockdown.

  • Use a wired button to trigger lockdown

    Openpath’s door Lockdown system lets you choose from several trigger options: mobile app, tablet, laptop, key card, and IoT buttons. We highly recommend having a wired method in place as backup. Wiring an emergency button directly to the Smart Hub ensures you have a reliable trigger regardless of Internet connection or BLE signal strength.

Emergency safety and security best practices

  • Use backup batteries and cellular routers

    In an emergency, your access control and lockdown door system hardware need to remain online and responsive even through a power or Internet outage. Install sufficient backup batteries in your Smart Hubs, and consider installing cellular routers to ensure Internet uptime.

  • Fail secure locks and fire code requirements

    For the safety of students, tenants, and employees, use fail secure door locks, which lock when power is interrupted, but still allow free egress (required by fire codes and accessibility compliance). In the event of a power outage, intruders can’t get inside, but those inside the building can safely exit.

  • Additional security measures

    Depending on your requirements, you may need to prohibit certain items, use metal detectors, and display security system stickers in windows or other public facing areas.

Additional lockdown security resources

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