Ultimate Guide to Access Control Systems

Learn about the fundamentals of access control systems and how to plan a future-proof building security strategy.

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What is future-proof access control technology?

Access control is a form of physical security that manages who has access to an area at any given time. 60% of companies use dated access control systems that become more vulnerable every year (International Security Journal). The following guide will teach you the primary aspects of access control systems and give you an overview of the latest access control technologies to future-proof your security.

What you'll get in your complete guide to access control
  • High-level and granular examples of how access control works

  • Access control products buyer's guide

  • Breakdown of access control models, methods, and types

  • Understanding the important access control features that you need

  • How to make sure your security investment ROIs

  • Access control policy considerations

  • Key technology components of access control

  • Access control hosting options; cloud vs. on-premise

  • Use cases for access control by industry and building types

  • Health and safety access control considerations

  • Criteria for selecting an access control system and installer

  • How access control can make your business more efficient

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