The Complete Access Control Solution

Next generation access control system designed to integrate with your tools and automate your security. Touchless, secure, and scalable.

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Your future-proof access control system

Openpath offers a cloud-based access control system designed to secure everything from single doors to multi-site enterprises.

Modern hardware

Award-winning smart readers and controllers with reliable touchless capabilities.

Cloud-based platform

Instant syncing systemwide and remote management from anywhere via the cloud.

Flexible ways to unlock

Unlock your entries with smartphones, cards, fobs, Apple watch, and more.

Seamless integrations

Create a complete solution with the apps and tools needed to run your business.

Reimagining your security

  • Fastest, most reliable hands-free access control system

  • Intuitive, cloud-based software with remote management, dynamic access permissions, and real-time reporting

  • Unified digital badge credential to bridge the gap between cyber and physical security

  • Enhanced safety and wellness features including occupancy management, emergency lockdown, touchless elevators and temperature screening

  • The leading certified and compliant access control system to meet your security standards

The Openpath difference

Quick and easy setup

A certified installation partner will setup and deploy your access control system on site - no fuss or hassle.

Real-time monitoring

Easily manage and view real-time capacity of any zone using the Openpath portal.

Manage access remotely

Remotely manage your building or office's occupancy to track, manage and enforce capacity for any space.

24/7 support

Receive quality customer service for our proprietary hardware and software in one place.

Smart security automations

Automate and enforce entry schedules, notifications, and custom processes with our rules engine.

Customize to your needs

Our Open Platform framework was built to work with the systems and tools you use every day.

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