Openpath and Workday integration

Automate enterprise-level access and streamline management by syncing users based on key data points.

Streamline access with advanced management features

An integration with human resource management software Workday allows both small and enterprise customers to simplify access management with auto-sync and the ability to automatically create mobile credentials. By categorizing users based on employee ID, department and title, the integration augments onboarding workflows for better security, and gives users frictionless access.

Integration with Workday allows organizations to:

  • Create mobile credentials automatically

  • Automatically sync and remove users and groups

  • Manually sync users as an alternative to automatic sync

  • Sync users based on employee ID, department and title

  • Seamlessly manage access for thousands of users

Use cases

Comprehensive reports. The ability to sync users based on title, department, employee ID and other crucial data points allows users to create detailed, customized security reports. 

Seamless onboarding. Alleviate redundant work with auto-sync every hour, or every 15 minutes with the Advanced option, to prevent errors and increase efficiency. 

Fast, frictionless access. Issue mobile credentials instantly and automatically sync credentials with employees’ permissions levels to give users seamless access. 

Increased security. With the capability to automatically sync and remove users from groups, authorization is instantly verified for every individual entering a building.

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