What's the right mix for mixed use properties moving forward post COVID-19?

Learn how mixed-use properties can help communities thrive in the post-COVID world, with discussions focused on designing communal spaces and the impact of travel and commute times.

Given everything going on in the world today we are finding more and more challenges in the legacy built world as we try to adapt our built space to the requirements of today’s post-pandemic society. Mixed use buildings and projects are yet another interesting use case for us to discuss, and we’ve brought together some of the leading thought leaders around mixed use development and management. Ginny Miller is the Vice President of Innovation for Jamestown, a prominent developer, owner and operator of mixed use properties all across the US. JF Finn is a Principal with Gensler, the well-known architecture and design firm, and he heads up their Mixed Use Practice within the firm. We also have Michael Beckerman of CREtech and James Segil of Openpath to bring the proptech and industry perspectives to bare on this discussion.

This webinar outlines many of the issues facing mixed use developers and clients in a post pandemic world. The topics discussed include:

  1. Bringing workers closer to retailers so that they don’t have to travel far to shop and eat while at work

  2. Bringing residents close to retailers so that they don’t have to travel far to shop and eat

  3. Bringing workers close to where they live so they don’t have to commute to work

  4. The role of remote work and increased demand for having work space at your residence and/or communal work space close to your residence.

  5. The safety requirements post-COVID as people return to work and return to living normal lives, but do so in a safer and socially distanced manner.

  6. How design will impact use of communal space for mixed use properties

  7. Retailers in big box projects need to come closer to where people live and work. Given the adoption of online shopping and impact of working from home, retailers need to change up their footprint to meet shoppers where they work and live.

"The New Normal" Webinar Series