Join our panel of industry experts as they take a closer look at how cloud-based technology is changing the way businesses approach physical and cyber security.

In this three-part series, you’ll hear from industry leaders in access control, video surveillance, and identity management, as they share insights and key learnings for navigating the new security landscape. Learn about the current threats that are defining the new approach to physical and cyber security, and what you can do now to prevent vulnerabilities and improve security posture for your business. 

  • How unified cyber and physical security strategies impact your bottom line

  • Case studies on modernizing from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions

  • Tips for proactive management and utilizing security system data 

In Part One, viewers gained a better understanding and actionable insights from thought leaders for how modernizing security strategies impacts businesses, including:

  • The interdependencies between physical and cyber security

  • The importance of merging the roles between physical and cyber security teams

  • How moving to cloud-based, managed systems and services impacts ROI

  • An overview of the top cloud-based security technologies available for businesses

Featuring speakers from top security and technology companies including:

  • George Bentinck, Meraki, Director of Product Management

  • Navdeep Johar, Convergint Technologies, Director IoT

  • Robert Martens, Allegion Ventures, SVP, Chief Innovation & Design Officer

  • James Segil, Openpath, President and Co-Founder