Verkada access control and cameras review

Understand why customers prefer the mobile, cloud-based access control solution and intercom system from Openpath for their building security. 

Openpath vs. Verkada Access Control

Verkada access control is an additional line from the cloud-based video management solution and surveillance camera company. The Verkada access control product consists of a cloud-based management platform, mobile credentials, a single reader design, and two door controller products. Similar to Openpath, the Verkada system gives admins remote access to the cloud platform for easy management, and has features including remote unlock, custom access schedules, and detailed activity logs. Before you install Verkada access control, review the following features of the system to determine the best access door control solution for your building or workplace.

Quick look: key differences between Verkada and Openpath
Cost-effective pricing

Openpath is less expensive than Verkada and offers scalable pricing plans

VMS integrations

Verkada’s access control systems can only pair with their cameras

Video reader capabilities

Openpath combines access control and video surveillance into one device

Touchless intercom

Only Openpath offers hands-free access with voice AI technology

Hacker-proof system

Verkada has security weaknesses that make them a target for hackers

Openpath’s reliable video access control
  • Multi-tech readers support mobile, PIN codes, key cards and fobs

  • Touchless and remote unlock backed by 99.9% reliability

  • Intuitive cloud software with real-time remote management

  • 5MP video and smart AI intercom with mobile monitoring

  • Open standards for frictionless integration across all systems

  • Scales to secure a single entry or entire enterprises with ease

  • Standard wiring and PoE options with easy snap-in installation

  • Automatic updates, offline sync, and encryption at every level

Complete Verkada access control and security camera review

Verkada started with video surveillance solutions, and then added access control to their available solutions. The cloud-based Verkada access control option allows for mobile credentials and supports RFID cards as well. Verkada promotes a unified video and access experience, with remote system management. Verkada has also recently rolled out a visitor management product, Verkada Guest. However, one of the drawbacks is that the Verkada access control products only work with other Verkada systems, and do not support third-party integrations. In addition, Verkada’s product lineup currently does not have any intercom functionality. This Verkada access control review covers the benefits and disadvantages of the hardware, products, and features.

Access control hardware review

Verkada has recently expanded their hardware offerings to include an access control reader, and an additional controller option. When comparing the hardware for Verkada access control reviews, it’s important to consider how many doors you need to support, and the different types of security systems you want to connect with. The Verkada controllers use Weigand wiring connections, as well as Wi-Fi support. 

A Verkada access control review shows that if you’re using existing legacy readers that are already installed in your building, the Verkada access control can connect with them. However, you’re also increasing your risk of a security breach, as Wiegand is not a secure connection. Relying on third-party readers also increases the chances of issues down the line.

Openpath’s hardware line features a more complete range of readers, including Pro Series Video Readers, Intercom Readers, Smart Readers, and Embedded USB Smart Readers. Openpath also offers more controller options, with the Single Door Controller, plus 4-door and 8-door options, with ports, relays, and extra outputs to allow additional sensors or Wiegand devices. The Openpath Smart Hubs are also designed to be tamper-resistant and fail safe. If the internet goes down, your Openpath hardware will still work, and the CloudSync feature means your data will still be available once power is restored. 

One of the disadvantages of the Verkada system is having to install multiple devices at the door to get unified video security and access control. The award-winning Openpath Video Intercom Reader Pro and Video Reader Pro combine multiple security devices into one. Get the power of a multi-technology Smart Reader, with the addition of a high-resolution, built-in camera to record live video of every access event, and real-time video calling for visitors in a single device. 

Mobile credentials and touchless capabilities

Mobile credentials are the most-requested feature for access control systems. And it’s easy to see why: mobile credentials are more secure, more convenient, and easier to manage. Both Verkada and Openpath offer mobile credentials via a smartphone app. Both providers also enable touchless entry via BLE technology. However, Openpath’s Wave to Unlock feature uses motion detection to ensure unlock intention, preventing users from accidentally triggering an unlock just by being in proximity of the reader. 

One key difference is that Openpath’s mobile unlock is backed by patented Triple Unlock technology that provides a reliable, fast entry and exit experience even when the internet or cell service is down. Openpath supports a greater range of credentials, including iOS, Android, Apple watch, tablet app, keycards and fobs. Plus, Openpath’s backward compatibility allows you to mix and match the credentials you want to use, and they all work on Openpath Smart Readers. Because Openpath is a complete access control provider, you can create your own branded keycards and fobs, if desired. 

Verkada’s reader only works with the Verkada controllers, so you have to replace all existing hardware to upgrade to their system.

Available access control integrations

One of the benefits to using access control that runs on an open platform is the ability to integrate with other security technologies. Verkada’s platform supports integrations with their own cameras, sensors, alarms, and video management system. Other than a few common Single Sign-On providers, Verkada does not currently support any third-party software integrations. If you’re looking for a more flexible system, they may not be the best option for you. For example, if your building has an existing video surveillance system or you have a specific VMS provider in mind, Verkada’s access control solution would have to be managed in a separate platform, and you won’t get the benefit of an integrated VMS. 

For access control that runs on a truly open platform, integrating with the tools you already use and will need in the future, Openpath is a preferred option. Built with open API architecture and convenient mobile SDKs, Openpath lets you easily connect any system you need to run your business. You can integrate your access control to user management tools, video surveillance systems, tenant management and communication platforms, visitor check-in applications, and even business tools like Slack and Zendesk. With an extensive library of native and out-of-the-box integrations, the Openpath access control platform is flexible and customizable to fit your specific needs.

Cost considerations for enterprise scalability

The limited Verkada controller offering is cost-prohibitive for businesses that only have one or two doors to secure, as they’re paying for extra outputs they don’t need. It’s also not the best solution for larger deployments. Because Verkada’s system isn’t equipped for high door density, scaling for all the doors in your organization could add up fast. When you’re trying to secure multiple floors or an enterprise organization, the number of controllers you’d need, plus the licensing fees for each door, could be very expensive. You also need to factor in the cost of the readers, whether you’re maintaining existing hardware, or installing new ones.

Openpath offers more cost-effective options for scaling. The Single Door Controller, 4-door controllers, 8-door controllers, and an Elevator Smart Hub all work together seamlessly across all your locations. The hardware is designed to be modular and easily expandable, and manufactured to meet Openpath’s strict compliance and quality standards. You can also use Openpath for destination dispatch elevators, turnstiles, and parking garage applications, plus limit printer access or enable easy enrollment with the versatile Embedded USB Smart Reader. Mix and match to get the right fit for your business—all Openpath products are easy to configure and connect, which makes adding new doors or locations effortless, without breaking the bank when compared to other access control companies.

Visitor access and management

Verkada recently launched a new visitor management product, as they do not support integration with any third-party visitor check-in or management software. While Verkada Guest promotes touchless check-in and a visual log of all visitors, these features require Verkada cameras and access control systems to function. The Guest app is separate from other Verkada mobile apps, and requires a separate subscription and license to use. They do not have an intercom system for visitors at the time of this Verkada review. 

Openpath offers an all-in-one access control reader, video camera, and intercom device. The Video Intercom Reader Pro gives businesses the ability to route visitor calls based on unique user profiles and door schedules, remotely see who’s there and unlock the door on their mobile device, and enable touchless entry for credentialed users. The reader features a one-touch doorbell design, with responsive, AI-powered voice recognition to route calls to the right person at the right times. In addition, Openpath has a digital Guest Pass feature that allows visitors to scan in using a Cloud Key credential, with custom access permissions for each visitor. This is included with all Openpath packages, and does not require a separate app or license.

Safety solutions

If safety and wellness are a concern, Verkada may not be the best option. Both Openpath and Verkada offer lockdown features with remote activation, and the ability to connect with panic buttons and other emergency systems. However, due to limited integrations, you won’t be able to connect the Verkada system to other applications and technology partners offering products like occupancy sensors, temperature scanners, health questionnaires, and automatic door openers. 

Openpath has partnered with 15+ leading technology partners to give you a suite of integrations built to enhance the safety and wellness of your staff and space. Choose from a range of technology apps and seamlessly integrate with the Openpath access control system to automate and enforce policies. Plus, Openpath features a built-in occupancy dashboard to help you monitor capacity levels by zone.

The Ultimate Guide to Access Control

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Alternatives to Verkada access control

While Verkada gained early notoriety for their video surveillance tools, their access control solution may not have all the features you need. Openpath offers a complete, touchless access control system with built-in video and door intercom functionality. With a range of reader and controller hardware, plus feature-rich cloud software, the Openpath system is built to scale effortlessly from a single door to hundreds of entries.

When it comes to choosing the best access control for your space, reliability, and security are top concerns. Your access control system should work, even when the internet goes down or if cell service is spotty. Openpath’s system is backed by patented Triple Unlock technology, ensuring the unlock experience is fast and consistent, every time. Openpath’s hardware also comes equipped with fail safes to withstand power failures, and optional backup battery power. The company puts security first, with strict policies to protect customers' data and privacy.  

To get the most out of your cloud-based access control system, you want to be able to connect your other apps and business tools. Seamless integrations will streamline your operations and reduce the burden on your administrative and IT teams. Openpath’s open API and ONVIF compliant video platforms make it quick and easy to integrate with any video surveillance system, user directory tools, visitor and tenant management platforms, communication apps, and more. Plus, the touchless entry and exit with Openpath’s wave to unlock capabilities create a premium, frictionless user experience.