Solutions for Education & Religious Institutions

"Installing and using Openpath for our building's access control was the best thing we've done for our synagogue's safety and security."

Tamah Kushner, Executive Director, Congregation Tikvat Jacob Beth Torah

Offer a welcoming environment without sacrificing safety.

Schools and religious institutions are vulnerable to vandalism, burglary and violence. Openpath's solution provides the right technology without feeling intrusive.

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Benefits for Education & Religious Institutions
Create a welcoming and secure environment
Make access open and welcoming to all with a solution that is designed to fit into its surroundings.
Lockdown capability
Quickly secure a building in an emergency situation from the device of your choice. Keep students and congregants safe from today’s threats with a solution that supports a variety of lockdown plans out of the box at no additional cost.
Ideal for off-hours access management
Schools and religious institutions can provide temporary access to parents and volunteers alike.
Attendance tracking integration
Integrates with apps like G Suite and Active Directory to ensure the correct amount of students are coming through the door.
Event management
Keep doors open for events while ensuring safety.
Student-friendly solution
Mobile-first security keeps up with millennial and Gen Z culture and preferences.
Featured Integrations
  • Entrance
    Stock: Entrance

    Openpath enables schools and places of worship to upgrade legacy access control systems at their entrance without the hassle or expense of replacing the legacy system already in place. Our Mobile Gateway lets you add our patented triple-unlock technology to your existing access control system; simultaneously sending Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE signals for optimal efficiency, every single time.

  • Garage
    Stock: Garage

    Seamlessly enter and exit garages with hands-free mobile access. Openpath integrates with many different parking systems to improve the safety of students and staff alike.

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  • Turnstile
    Stock: Turnstile

    Openpath integrates with all major turnstiles at college campuses to ensure student safety without adding friction.

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  • Directory Service
    Stock: Slack

    Openpath's integration with your directory service application of choice allows your organization to provide Openpath with a synchronized source of authorized users for your access control system.

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    • slack
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