Slack Integration

You can integrate Slack with Openpath to empower your employees to unlock doors with ease from their Slack chat window. This integration requires you to use our WebHook feature within CloudKey and some programming on your part. Here is how it works.

For example, you could type this command /unlockFrontDoor in order to unlock the front door. Main

Openpath allows you to unlock the door via a webhook. So that webhook can be connected to Slack using a Slash command.

Step 1. Create a Cloud Key credential for a user Step1.CreateCloudKey-Thumbnail

Step 2. Generate a webhook URL with a specified time period and a specific set of doors Step2.GenerateWebhook-Thumbnail

Step 3. Press ‘Generate Links’ to generate Web URL. Step3.GenerateWebhookDone-Thumbnail

The guest access link will require you to press a button to confirm the unlock. But the API link will unlock the door everytime you go to that link. So the API link makes it easy to integrate with many different products.

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