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With no need to wire anything back, everything you need is mounted right above the door, letting you access your world, your way. Can support up to two entry points.

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Flexible standalone access controller

All of Openpath’s best-in-class security capabilities in a compact, convenient design. The Single Door Controller lets you deploy our advanced access control quickly, with all-in-one flexibility to scale up or down effortlessly.

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Features of Single Door Access Control

Your modern office deserves an equally modern access control system. Even if you’re securing a single door, you shouldn’t miss out on best-in-class features and enhanced protection.

Perfect for a small office or remote location where complicated wiring would be cost-prohibitive, Openpath’s Single Door Controller makes adding a door to your network simple and affordable. With Openpath’s revolutionary cloud-based platform, you get added flexibility, security, and interoperability that are key to protecting any business.

Compact access control that does it all

The Openpath Single Door Controller is a complete access control unit that supports up to two entries and two Openpath Smart Readers. The Controller has all the capabilities of the Openpath Platform, in a self-contained unit that seamlessly installs in any space, and makes system management and maintenance an effortless experience.

Flexible hardware features

  • Fast, low-cost installation thanks to convenient wiring architecture

  • Sleek, compact design mounts anywhere you need it, no need to wire back to an ACU

  • Built-in alerts against tampering keep vandalism at bay

  • Optional Wi-Fi support for network connectivity when Ethernet isn’t available

  • Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics tools eliminate the need for on-site maintenance

  • Instant software upgrades in the cloud ensure high-quality performance and reduce downtime

Included in the Openpath Single Door Access Control Kit:

  • Ports that accommodates up to 2 Openpath readers or 2 Wiegand readers

  • Support for PoE/PoE+ and 12-24V supply

  • Configurable ports for wet (12V or 24V) or dry relays

  • Two inputs for Request to Exit (REX) Sensors and two Contact Sensors

  • Two USB ports for adding expansion boards

  • Mounting hardware for installing on drywall, single, or double gang electrical box

Compatible with all Openpath Smart Readers

Smart Reader

Multi-technology reader that supports a range of access methods, including touchless and mobile credentials

Video Reader Pro 

Built-in HD camera to automatically associate video footage with access events, triggers and motion

Video Intercom Reader Pro

Features advanced voice AI capabilities and built-in HD camera for secure visitor access

Smart Keypad Reader

Keyless entry with secure PIN codes and MFA, available in standard and mullion sizes

Next-level security features

  • Cloud-based security with end-to-end encryption for built-in protection

  • Hands-free mobile credentials for completely contactless entry, a staple in the “new normal” post-coronavirus work environment

  • Seamless integration with user management software, communication applications, and video management software

  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and alert notifications for access events, so you can take immediate action

  • Lockdown capabilities that can be activated remotely in case of an emergency

Single Door Access Control System for Enterprise

Even large-scale businesses can benefit from the added security of single-door access control. While a standalone reader and controller are not the best way to secure many entries across multiple sites or buildings, they can still be helpful security tools. A single door standalone access control system can be implemented within enterprise setups like condominiums, apartments, multi-tenant offices, and warehouses to restrict access to specific rooms or spaces independent of the main system. For example, you can install a single door magnetic lock on a server room, storage space, garage, or copier closet, and easily see who accesses that space and when.

Because our Single Door Controller is Wi-Fi enabled, an enterprise business running on the full Openpath platform can quickly install a standalone door entry system that wirelessly communicates with the rest of the system—no complicated wiring configurations needed. With a cloud-based system like Openpath, your single door controller easily installs alongside legacy systems using existing wiring, too.

How to use Single Door Access Control

Benefits of Standalone Access Control Systems

Types of Single Door Access Control Systems

Single Door Controller Kits for Small Businesses

Benefits of Standalone Access Control Systems

There are many advantages of standalone single door access control systems, especially options that use the most modern technology available. With enhanced security features, easy-install configurations, and kits that allow for software integrations, securing your space doesn’t have to be a costly headache.  Having just one controller and a few readers simplifies your system. Less hardware means your administrators have fewer pieces of equipment to manage and maintain, which can reduce your overall costs. Similarly, Openpath’s easy-install design allows you to quickly execute your security plan, with minimal interruption to your business operations. With multiple configurations available for installation, Openpath works with just about any setup, and our team can get your new access control system, such as a standalone keypad access control system, up and running quickly. If you’re concerned about growth, Openpath’s Single Door Controller is easily scalable to add more controllers and readers if needed, and also easily connects into a larger system. Whether you’re a small business needing a stand alone access control system, or a multi-site enterprise with unique door access needs, a Single Door Controller from Openpath can help you achieve high-performance security, without sacrificing convenience or flexibility. Contact an Openpath team member today to get started.

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Types of Single Door Access Control Systems

Just like any good physical security system, an access control kit designed for a single door gives you the ability to restrict or allow access to specific people or groups. This added protection is essential for businesses of any size, and keeps your organization, and its valuable assets, secure. When planning your single door access control configurations, consider the number of people that will need access to the entry on a daily basis, if different access levels will be needed for certain individuals or groups, and if door schedules will need to be set for specific hours. While once-door systems are a convenient option for securing single entry points, restricted areas, and adding to an existing access control system, there are a few different types of single door access control methods to choose from.

  • Keypads or PIN pads. A popular option for restricted access areas, this type of access control requires the user to enter a passcode in order to unlock the door. With this type of access method, codes will need to be given to all who need access, and the users will need to remember their codes to gain entry.

  • Card readers. One of the most common types of access control, keycard and key fob entry systems require the user to carry a badge or fob, which is scanned by a mounted reader to allow access. While these systems are often less expensive up front, there is added administrative work with issuing, revoking and replacing credentials. Also consider that users are prone to misplacing and sharing keycards and badges.

  • Biometric readers. Frequently used in high-security situations, biometric access control requires a fingerprint scan, facial recognition software, or similar technology to unlock access. This method is sometimes used in conjunction with another type of access as a form of two-factor authentication.

  • Mobile credentials. The most modern form of access control technology, mobile credentials rely on the user’s smartphone. With Openpath’s mobile-based system, an unlock can be triggered by using a mobile app, or by motion-activated sensors that don’t require the user to take their phone out of their purse or pocket (thanks to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data signals). This is one of the best access methods for contactless, hands-free entry.

When to Use Single Door Access Control

As you consider your options, it’s a good idea to use a security audit checklist to help you determine where your current system may be lacking, and how to address possible weaknesses in your physical security measures. While a one-door access system is often a convenient option, it may not fit your needs if you have more than two or three entry points you’re trying to secure. 

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Single Door Access Control Kits for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business you know how important door security can be. Many small companies still rely on traditional locks and keys, which are not only prone to security threats, but also are a pain when it comes to retooling locks every time an employee leaves. On the other end of the spectrum, more modern access control systems are often designed to accommodate larger enterprises, with many entry points and lots of integrations that just aren’t necessary for smaller organizations, not to mention costly. A stand alone access control system is a perfect medium for smaller businesses, giving you high-performance security without all the extra bells and whistles you don’t need.

When choosing security for your small business and determining the best type of access control, standalone single door systems are a great option for protecting a single office or storefront. With easy installation thanks to simple wiring, the Openpath Single Door Controller allows you to customize your standalone access control kit to fit your needs, and accommodates up to two entries. Plus, Openpath uses mobile credentials to offer you a contactless entry method, perfect for reopening your small business safely after COVID-19.

A good example of a successful use case for Openpath’s Single Door Controller is an installation for a storefront. With only one door in and out of the shop, there’s no need for a larger setup. See how a single door access control system from Openpath benefits small businesses: 

  • The Openpath single door access control system kit is easy to install with convenient wiring, so the shop owner won’t experience any business interruptions during installation. 

  • Once installed, employees can use their smartphone credentials to get in and out of the store. Mobile credentials offer an added safety measure as they are contactless, eliminating a common touch point to prevent the spread of germs. Openpath can also be configured to work with encrypted RFID badges and key fobs, if preferred. 

  • Managers can easily set door schedules to ensure the building is secure and locked outside of normal operating hours.

  • The hardware is supported by Openpath’s cloud-based software, giving admins the flexibility to trigger a remote unlock if an employee needs after-hours access. 

  • If the store also has a back door they’d like to keep secure, Openpath’s controller can accommodate up to two door entries on the same system.

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