SALTO door locks and Access Control Manager

This integration is only available for Openpath’s on-premise Access Control Manager.

Expand access control to every door by integrating ACM with the full suite of SALTO electronic and wireless lock solutions.

SALTO electronic locks and ACM integration

ACM seamlessly integrates with the complete SALTO solution including software, peripherals, locks and cylinders, and the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) technology. The SVN technology stores data on the access card, removing the need to update locks when users’ access rights change. Easily install, manage access data and check the wireless locks status and battery level within seconds with the SALTO smart locks. Secure your facility efficiently and streamline your access management by ensuring users always have the right access without all the cumbersome hardwiring tasks. 

Integrate the SALTO solution with Access Control Manager for the following benefits:

  • Streamline access management with access data directly stored on the card

  • Always have up-to-date access rights on all doors and locks

  • Control doors regardless of their internet connectivity

  • Issue SALTO JustIN Mobile credentials from ACM to manage a user’s access rights over-the-air

  • Easily expand a facility by adding more locks without changing the infrastructure

Use cases:

  • High-rise office buildings: expand commercial building security and benefit from SVN data-on-card to increase the number of doors without changing wiring.

  • Hospitals: ensure hospital staff have the right permissions for the areas they need to access without compromising workforce safety, equipment, and patient confidentiality.

  • Schools and universities: keep staff and students secure by issuing SALTO JustIN Mobile credentials and quickly managing temporary access for visitors, vendors, and contractors.

Note: The SALTO integration is only available in Canada and USA.