Openpath and Proxyclick integration

Automating touchless access and visitor management for safer, more secure business.

Streamline access without compromising security

Combine Openpath access control and Proxyclick visitor management to safeguard spaces and enhance security with touchless check-in, advanced health and safety features, and automated visitor and employee access. Easily roll out enhanced check-in processes, including symptom verification screenings, that automatically sync with customizable access rights.

The Openpath and Proxyclick integration allows businesses to:

  • Implement fully customized, enhanced check-in processes for employees, visitors, and contractors

  • Automatically sync access passes to Openpath entries

  • Automate and enforce digital symptom waivers and wellness verifications

  • Monitor real-time visitor access data

Grant touchless access with QR codes

  • Quickly generate a unique QR code from the Openpath app, and your visitors, employees, and contractors can check in automatically at turnstiles, entry doors, or at a Proxyclick kiosk. 

  • Mobile and web-based credentials eliminate cumbersome key cards and minimize in-person interactions for a convenient, touchless guest and employee experience.

  • Complement with a destination dispatch elevator solution for a fully integrated touchless building.

Enforce safety rules before on-site arrival

Send health and safety guidelines in advance, complete with images and mandatory videos. Request visitors, employees, and contractors to digitally sign a safety declaration before stepping foot on the premises, and tie to access credentials to ensure accountability.

Enhance screening and emergency processes

  • Openpath’s site-specific permissions and digital Guest Pass grant employees, visitors, and contractors access to certain parts of the building for a specified period of time.

  • Check individuals against industry and internal watchlists, and only allow entry to those that match your criteria.

  • Quickly generate a list of all on-site employees and visitors with Proxyclick’s Emergency list feature and send an instant text message in case of emergency. 

Scan temperatures at check-in

Integrate a thermal temperature scanner with Proxyclick to minimize health risks, starting at the front desk. Scan employees as soon as they arrive in the lobby, and restrict access automatically if they have a fever.

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