12/24V Access Control Panel


  • 4 Door Controller
  • 3 Amp 24V power supply with battery support
  • 12V and 24V provided for locking hardware

The Openpath 12/24V Smart Hub is an access control unit with the capability to interface with up to four entries and up to eight readers (if also using Wiegand readers in addition to Openpath readers). The Smart Hub securely makes all entry decisions and includes ports for Openpath door readers, Request to Exit, Wiegand Readers, and Contact Sensors. RS-485 wiring connects the Smart Hub to the Openpath readers, and all readers and locking hardware are powered with an included power supply in the same enclosure for locations with space restrictions for wall mounted items. Openpath recommends installing a back-up battery as a best practice to ensure uptime during a power outage (back-up battery not included).

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