12/24V 8-Door Access Control Panel

Core Series


  • Supports 8 Openpath Readers, 8 Door Relays, 8 Contact Sensors, and 8 REX Sensors

  • 4 AUX Relays provide extra outputs and 4 AUX input pins support Wiegand readers and other sensors

  • Supports 12-24V locking hardware

  • Plug and play design allows for easy expansion and customization

The Core Series Smart Hub is a modular access control unit that supports eight Openpath readers and eight doors. The Core Series Smart Hub features the Access Control Core that securely makes all entry decisions, and is configured via Bluetooth using the Openpath Admin App. The Core connects to expansion boards that include ports for Openpath readers and door hardware. RS-485 wiring connects the Core Series Smart Hub to the Openpath readers, and all readers and locking hardware are powered with an included power supply. Openpath recommends installing a back-up battery as a best practice to ensure uptime during a power outage (back-up battery not included).

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