Our pricing is simple and straightforward. No long-term contracts, no fees for individual users. Contact us to get a quote.
Have questions about pricing or installation?
We can help configure your system with just a few simple questions. We can also send a certified installer to get you up and running.
How do I add an Openpath Elevator Board to my Smart Hub?
How do I use Allegion Schlage AD-400/401 series locks with Openpath?
What's Openpath's Return Policy?
How do I get pricing?
What's the difference between Fail Safe and Fail Secure?
How do I know if I have low frequency or high frequency cards?
What kind of backup battery do I need?
What happens prior to installation?
Do I need to sign a long-term contract to use Openpath?
Does Openpath have technicians that go onsite?
Do I need to buy through a dealer or can I buy Openpath directly from you?
If I already have an access control system installed at my office and my employees already have badges, can I add Openpath to my old system and run them both?
Who performs the installation of the Openpath system?
If I already have an access control system, can I swap it out for Openpath?

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