Openpath, a leader in modern mobile access control, has announced an advanced hands-free “Wave to Unlock” feature as part of a new firmware release, helping reduce common touch points and allowing a contactless user experience at a safe distance. Openpath’s mobile-first, cloud-based access control solution is ideal for companies facing demands to update workspaces for returning employees to work.

Openpath’s future-proofed platform ensures building owners, managers and tenants can provide employees and visitors secured access without touching any physical surfaces. Users can wave their hand in-front of a reader from a safe distance in order to unlock an entry and Openpath's patented Triple-Unlock technology that works over WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth, guarantees a fast and reliable connection, imperative to efficient and safe access. Users can also open a door directly from the Openpath app, increasing accessibility while maintaining security. This feature is part of Openpath's offerings to help companies operate their spaces during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The 'Wave to Unlock' feature is becoming a key concept for workplace compliance initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re hearing from building owners, tenants, city planners, architects and security consultants that this touchless entry solution is calming some employee concerns about returning to the workplace. Creating frictionless solutions is at the core of our business and while our current product offered similar technology, we understood the need to adapt and evolve the firmware with the current state of concern." says John Kim, Senior Director of Product, Openpath.

Openpath’s enterprise security platform is deployed across a wide range of sectors including commercial real estate, manufacturing/industrial, offices, retail, schools, gyms and places of worship. The cloud-based, OPEN architecture supported over 100 million API calls in 2019. Openpath has been closely tracking unlocks nationwide since late February as part of its Social Distancing Index to help companies monitor and adapt to new protocols.

Openpath is helping companies like Robin, a leading workplace provider, meet social distancing compliance.

"By using Openpath, we can route when someone arrives at the office to team leads and whoever manages the floor. As a result, we’re much more aware of how populated the office is," says Robin CEO Sam Dunn.

“Health, safety and wellness are paramount for our employees and visitors, and Openpath’s mobile access control solution provides great peace of mind. As we prepare for returning to work, their system is integral to making our environment a touchless, hands-free, germ-free experience. Guests can also use the Openpath guest pass to unlock doors without having the app on their phone.” says Manny Contreras, Director of IT, Jukin Media.

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