March 18, 2021, Culver City, CA

Openpath, a leader in touchless, cloud-based access control and workplace safety automation, today announces it has been given top recognition in Group337’s Access Control Index.

The report, based on the analysis of key data points from 40 leading physical access control software manufacturers presents findings across individual criterias, namely, Market Reach, Innovation Engine, Technology, Marketing and Talent. The analysis serves as an informed evaluation of how a company is doing today by looking holistically at the company, products, people, habits, terminology, cultures, mindsets and more. It also outlines opportunities and key data points to forecast how companies are poised to perform in the future. 

Openpath ranked first in the prestigious Commanders category of The Index with an overall score of 73 percent, reflecting its leadership at the forefront of the industry, which had an average score of 54 percent. 

Companies in the Commanders category are leading the industry and represent the perfect blend of being at the forefront of today and tomorrow’s physical access landscape. Commanders have one eye on answering today’s security needs, with the other on delivering new use cases, such as wellness and convenience. Since quickly engineering and rolling out entirely touchless access control (“Wave to Unlock”) in March of 2020, Openpath has continued to innovate with Safety & Wellness solutions to protect users from germ-spread and prepare the built world to return to buildings safely in the wake of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. In the past year alone, Openpath also added 26M square feet of office space to its growing portfolio, raised $36M in Series C funding, and introduced global partnerships with industry-leaders like Cisco Meraki, Lenovo and Okta.

Openpath leads by example as a continuously innovating machine, creating new space and a learning environment within and around their organization that fosters and demonstrates creativity, experimentation, and problem solving.

“Even as an upstart in an industry that rewards legacy, Openpath has shown that they are a leader for today with the opportunity tomorrow,” the report finds. “Openpath shows strength across all aspects of the business with a focus on Open Innovation, and are one of the few companies in the industry that have the It Factor.”


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