Washington, DC, May 26th, 2021

Today, real estate technology companies cove & Openpath announce their collaboration with Rubicon Point Partners, a leading real estate investment firm, to enable a seamless return to the office by putting the entire experience in the tenant’s hands. cove and Openpath’s integration has been deployed at two Rubicon Point buildings – totaling nearly 325,000 square feet of office space in San Jose, CA – creating a modern, innovative workplace experience. Leveraging touchless, mobile access control provided by Openpath, cove powers a safe and streamlined return to the physical workspace by putting the experience on display – all with the click of a button for tenants and property management.

As companies determine their return to work plans, including how to best leverage the physical office moving forward, cove, Openpath and Rubicon Point have come together to provide that answer. The pandemic has accelerated the need for workplace technology and has highlighted the foundational need to effectively integrate technology into the everyday work-life experience. Through this partnership, Rubicon Point is implementing cutting-edge technology to manage the building experience by leveraging cove’s software to oversee reservations and streamline tenant communications, as well as Openpath’s solutions to ensure secure building access via a tenant’s phone.

“With this partnership, we are truly unlocking and powering the modern office experience,” says Razmig Boladian, Managing Partner at Rubicon Point Partners. “As businesses reopen, we are looking at innovative solutions to ensure we are at the forefront of technology and experience for our tenants, their guests, and our own operations.”

Starting June 15th, Rubicon Point will be reopening all shared amenities that enhance the tenant experience including fitness centers, tenant lounges, and conference rooms . With cove, building owners can rest assured that the capacity of an amenity space is appropriate and that safety guidelines are clear and adhered to. For example, if the fitness center is at maximum capacity, the collaboration with Openpath will automatically prevent further entry in order to eliminate the possibility of overcrowding.

“The office has fundamentally changed in the last year, which is something businesses should use as an opportunity to pursue a modern workplace experience” says Adam Segal, CEO and Co-Founder of cove. “At cove, we’re empowering ownership to help answer the question, “what’s next?” for both the office and tenant experience. Central to answering this question is ensuring an outstanding user experience that puts the work day in the tenant’s hands, ensuring people can return safely to a modern, future-proof place of work.”

Openpath's touchless "Wave to Unlock" technology gives tenants a fast, secure and hands-free way to access doors, elevators, and other access points throughout a building. Tenants can simply wave their hand in-front of a reader to unlock a door, even if their phone is locked in their pocket or the cove app isn't actively open. Beyond this touchless technology, the pairing of cove and Openpath means that reservations can automatically grant physical access and property managers manage capacity in real-time as needed. 

“As we all make plans to return to the office, businesses and real estate owners will need to address operational challenges as it relates to safety, efficiency and productivity,” said James Segil, President and Co-Founder of Openpath. “In realizing this, companies must adapt quickly to incorporate cloud-based tools that are flexible, adaptable and can be easily managed and implement changes to remain competitive, maintain employee satisfaction, and ultimately achieve organizational success.” 

To learn more, visit www.cove.is