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Openpath and Orbit integration

An integrated booking and access system for the future of frictionless, flexible workspaces.

Mobile access control for scalable office sharing

Orbit is a technology platform built in partnership with landlords to increase the utilization and value of space by empowering workers. Orbit turns unused office space into satellite workspaces, available and affordable for anyone. Utilizing Openpath readers and integrating Openpath mobile credentials within the app via SDK, Orbit enables teams to share workspaces across buildings and cities, helping landlords utilize vacant space and create a whole new office experience.

Openpath access control integrated within the Orbit app allows businesses to:

  • Drive the transition from brick-and-mortar to user-based focus at scale

  • Use one seamless app experience for access and permissions across all services and buildings

  • Utilize empty space to create added value for users and landlords, sublet free space, and create shared rooms for all tenants

  • Integrate their booking system and access credentials for frictionless entry to approved spaces

  • Customize access permissions and view real-time scheduling information for all locations in a single management platform

Use cases

Self-service: Grant user management and access control to tenants directly in the app.

Building services: Offer services available at building and amenity access directly to all users through Orbit.

New insight: Machine Learning analyzes how the buildings are used to give landlords unique insights.

FaceID authentication: Increased security on selected doors through FaceID requirement right in the app.

Facility management: Easy-to-use management tool allowing full flexibility for access permissions in every building.

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