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Openpath offers mobile and cloud-based access control systems to accommodate both small and enterprise businesses. Well-known for creating smart entries and enabling keyless convenience with hands-free and touchless unlock capabilities, Openpath has an industry-leading 94% mobile adoption rate. Openpath allows businesses to streamline operations with enterprise-level access control features and a range of safety and wellness solutions. Openpath is currently deployed in commercial real estate properties, enterprise offices, educational institutions, houses of worship, gyms and fitness studios, and multi-family residential communities across the US and internationally. Customer reviews of Openpath highlight how the flexible access control system helps create smarter, healthier spaces with detailed insights, real-time video, and system automations. 

Openpath is a complete access control system, with a full range of hardware options and robust software packages. The flexible system comes with everything you need to secure your business, plus additional configurations to enhance safety and security throughout your space—without sacrificing convenience. Merging the foundational elements of physical security with advanced cybersecurity measures, Openpath customers are able to create smart, future-proof spaces.

Openpath’s reliable video access control
  • Multi-tech readers support mobile, PIN codes, key cards and fobs

  • Touchless and remote unlock backed by 99.9% reliability

  • Intuitive cloud software with real-time remote management

  • 5MP video and smart AI intercom with mobile monitoring

  • Open standards for frictionless integration across all systems

  • Scales to secure a single entry or entire enterprises with ease

  • Standard wiring and PoE options with easy snap-in installation

  • Automatic updates, offline sync, and encryption at every level

Openpath access control products review

As a complete access control system provider, Openpath makes sleek, elegant hardware with flexible deployment and installation options for any size business. In Openpath customer reviews, ease of installation is a common theme compared to other access control manufacturers. Because the solution can be installed as a complete standalone system, and is also backwards compatible with legacy systems, Openpath is a great option to fit a wide range of access control needs. This is a great feature for enterprise customers, who may have different access control system requirements across their many locations and building sites.

  • Secure from end-to-end
    Openpath prioritizes security with all communication encrypted end-to-end. Openpath’s readers do not store any information on the local level, which helps protect data and prevent breaches. Plus, all Openpath hardware comes equipped with built-in fail safes to withstand power and Internet outages, and alerts against tampering.
  • Effortless installation
    Many customers list the speed of deployment as a benefit in their Openpath reviews, as they were able to get up-and-running with their new access control quickly and without major disruption to their day-to-day. All Openpath hardware uses standard wiring for fast, easy installation, even in retrofit deployments. Openpath access control installers can use existing wiring, avoiding a costly rip-and-replace to deploy the cloud-based access control solution.
  • Access control that scales
    Openpath’s hardware is designed to easily scale up or back with ease. Offering a full range of controllers and readers, Openpath secures anywhere from a single door up to hundreds of entries across multiple buildings, all on the same system. With 4-door, 8-door and elevator control boards, Openpath is a great option for enterprise businesses who need flexible configurations. For smaller applications, the Single Door Controller supports up to two entries; it’s perfect for a retail store or internal space that needs additional security. For turnstiles, elevators, and highly architectural installs, the Embedded USB Smart Reader offers a mini, embeddable form factor, with a USB output for printers, enrollment applications, and more.
  • Pro Series Video and Intercom Readers
    Openpath’s Pro Series Video Readers add visual verification to all access events where they are occurring: at the door. The Video Reader Pro combines all the capabilities of Openpath’s multi-technology Smart Readers with the power of seeing what’s happening in real-time. Openpath's video intercom uses AI-powered voice recognition to route visitors with clear video calling, touchless access, and mobile monitoring. Designed with open standards for superior interoperability, Openpath video access control seamlessly integrates with existing access control and video surveillance systems.
  • Award winning hardware design
    Many legacy access control systems have bulky, outdated hardware that just doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the modern workplace. Openpath hardware has won multiple design awards, ensuring that the Smart Readers, Pro Series Video and Intercom Readers, and control hubs are not only frictionless and functional, but also sleek and sophisticated.

Cloud-based enterprise security solutions

“Between the mobile credentials and seamless cloud integrations, Openpath is far superior to any other provider we looked at.”

– Philip Deul, Director of Corporate IT at

Cloud-based management software review

Openpath is a cloud-based access control system, which creates a more flexible, scalable security system compared to legacy providers. The fully remote management platform can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, centralizing enterprise access control for multi-location organizations. With a robust feature set and open cloud-based platform, Openpath sets the foundation for a fully integrated security system. Eliminating cumbersome and expensive on-premise servers, Openpath helps create smarter spaces and increases ROI with less investment.

  • Fully remote management access
    Centralize security teams with a system that lets you manage all your sites from a single interface. The Openpath dashboard gives admins the ability to add or remove entries, adjust door schedules, issue and revoke credentials instantly, and set granular and site-specific permissions from anywhere in the world. Remote Unlock is a favorite feature in Openpath reviews, letting administrators unlock the door for employees or visitors without having to be on-site.
  • Real-time reporting
    In Openpath access control reviews, customers are increasing ROI with deep learning and data insights. Easily search, filter, and export detailed reports to maintain compliance and perform routine audits, right in the Openpath dashboard. Real-time visibility into access activity across all locations not only provides better awareness, it also allows administrators to improve space management and adjust for social distancing. Openpath empowers businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions and reduce costs over time.
  • Open API architecture
    Built on an open platform, Openpath seamlessly integrates with other systems, including video surveillance, tenant platforms, visitor management, and user directory tools. Openpath customer reviews include how the platform has allowed them to integrate their systems to streamline operations, create safer spaces, and increase ROI. Easily connect with all the apps and systems you need to run your business via Openpath’s open API and mobile SDKs.

24/7 remote security management

"The system is completely dialed in. The flexible credentials and remote security features make my day-to-day seamless."

– Tyler Lake, IT Network Admin at Precision Science

Touchless access control with secure mobile credentials

The majority of access control installers recommend using mobile credentials, which allow users to open the door with a smartphone instead of an RFID card or key fob. There are many benefits to a mobile access control system, including improved security, an enhanced user experience, and a frictionless workplace environment. Openpath customer reviews highlight why the flexible access options, with the contactless and hands-free credentials, rank as a top feature among big and small businesses alike.

  • Secure mobile credentials
    Mobile credentials are more secure for entry compared to traditional methods like key cards and fobs. People are less likely to lose or forget their smartphone, and most smartphones are password-protected. Openpath ensures your space is secure with encryption at every level, and trackable audit trails for compliance purposes. With Openpath, you can also activate two-factor authentication using the biometrics (FaceID, passcode, fingerprint scan) built into smartphones for added security.
  • Wave to Unlock
    Openpath enables users to unlock a door with the touchless Wave to Unlock feature. This contactless option lets users wave their hand or phone in front of the reader, without having to even open the app or wake up their phone. Customer reviews of the Openpath Wave to Unlock feature are overwhelmingly positive: employees love that the door opens like magic, and it makes a great impression with visitors and clients.
  • Digital guest pass
    One of the features Openpath customers love is the digital visitor pass. Unlike other systems which do not support temporary credentials, Openpath lets admins send a temporary link via text or email to visitors with Cloud Key. Similar to an Openpath mobile credential, digital Cloud Key credentials have customizable permissions. Plus, guests won’t need to download an app or have a special key card to gain access.
  • Flexible access methods
    Openpath was designed to make access control a frictionless experience, without sacrificing security. In addition to the industry-leading mobile credentials, the Openpath system supports access via Apple watch, Cloud Key, encrypted fobs and key cards, and is also backwards compatible with MIFARE RFID cards common to legacy access control systems. Choose the access methods that work for your space; they can all be used simultaneously on the same system.

100% touchless access control

"With Openpath, we get the high-level security and control that’s expected in D.C., and the wave-to-unlock feature works seamlessly.”

– Mark Fitzpatrick, CTO at the Reagan Foundation

Enhanced safety features

As the safety platform for the built world, Openpath is designed to do more than just let authorized users in, and keep unauthorized people out. In addition to the robust access control features on the Openpath software, customers are able to create safer, healthier spaces with the advanced system. These are a few of the top-requested access control safety features mentioned in Openpath customer reviews.

  • Built-in occupancy tracking
    Openpath provides valuable insights into space utilization and access data. Openpath’s readers use Bluetooth beacons and access requests to detect how many people are in a given zone, which can automate and enforce social distancing measures in the workplace.
  • Flexible lockdown capabilities
    Openpath’s award-winning Lockdown feature lets admins activate a system lockdown remotely in the event of an emergency. Flexible Lockdown plans are also available to customize emergency response for different types of situations, enhancing safety across the board.
  • Seamless full-building integrations
    Openpath’s open API lets businesses create an IoT-connected space with best-in-class integrations. Customers love the video integrations with Milestone Xprotect, Camio, Cisco Meraki, and more. Openpath also offers integrations with popular platforms including G Suite, Okta, Active Directory, Envoy, Zendesk, Slack, ABC Fitness, and more. These integrations allow security teams to automate and enforce procedures such as digital health questionnaires, temperature checks, and contact tracing through the Openpath platform.

Robust safety solutions for healthier spaces

“We put health and wellness at the forefront of everything we do, so we are spending money on what tenants really want in a post-COVID world.”

– Greg Kraut, Co-Founder and CEO at KPG Funds