Openpath and Okta integration

Secure, convenient mobile login experiences and streamlined user management.

Identity security and access control

Reduce administrative burden and improve user login experiences by integrating Openpath with Okta’s directory management solutions in the cloud. Easily sync and manage Openpath users, entries and permissions directly from Okta, and securely log into the Openpath Control Center and Openpath app using Okta’s single sign-on interface.

Openpath’s cloud-based Okta integration allows businesses to:

  • Create convenient and secure login experiences for the Openpath mobile app

  • Use Okta’s SAML single sign-on (SSO) to securely log into the Openpath Control Center

  • Automatically sync users to assign or revoke access credentials

  • Make managing any number of users easier than ever

  • Manage buildings with real-time access data insights

Enhance security with Okta powered single sign-on (SSO) 

  • Okta’s single sign-on (SSO) lets users securely log into the Openpath app with their Okta authentication, and they will have immediate access to the right set of doors. 

  • Administrators can use Okta’s SAML single sign-on (SSO) to access the Openpath Control Center directly from the Okta portal. 

  • Real-time reporting and access data improves security monitoring and compliance.

  • Eliminate cumbersome authentication emails and reduce IT burden.

Streamline user management

The Openpath and Okta integration features robust auto-sync features to make managing any number of users easier than ever. 

  • Import Okta groups mapped to Openpath groups.

  • Automatically remove users from Openpath groups when they’ve been removed from the corresponding Okta groups.

  • Openpath automatically syncs with Okta every 15 minutes, and you can also initiate a manual sync at any time.

  • Receive alerts if there’s ever an issue regarding Okta synchronization.

  • Adjust access permissions at any time in the Openpath Control Center.

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