Openpath and Nexudus integration

Revolutionize how tenants access your coworking building and the spaces inside with mobile-first, touchless entry.

Automate access security across your coworking spaces

The integration between Nexudus and Openpath creates a seamless way to grant and revoke access to your space in real-time. Users can manage member credentials through automation, with complete control of access provision.

The Nexudus and Openpath integration allows workspace operators to:

  • Facilitate a hygienic, touchless entry and exit for members and tenants

  • Implement user entry and tenant schedules efficiently to grow your client network

  • Streamline security procedures with a convenient remote access management

  • Customize access permissions based on membership plans

  • Restrict access when membership is inactive

Use cases

Increased security. Entry permissions to specific areas are granted to members with relevant access credentials. Integrating Openpath with Nexudus prevents unauthorized access, as alerts are instantly dispatched to the appropriate security administrator when an unauthorized entry is detected.

Digital guests pass. With the Openpath app, members can grant temporary access to visitors by sending a link via text or email.

Extended operation hours. Remotely lock and unlock doors to allow customers to access different areas without the assistance of an onsite staff.

Get accurate occupancy reporting. Customers are checked in and out as they unlock doors in your space, improving the accuracy of occupancy reports. 

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