Nexkey Access Control System Review

Learn why Openpath is the top replacement and alternative for Nexkey access control since they are no longer in business.

Openpath vs. Nexkey access control

Nexkey has shut business down as of August 31, 2022 and is no longer available for customers looking to install the access control system for their businesses. What is Nexkey? It was a cloud-based system that touted keyless access, user-friendly dashboard, remote management, and flexible visitor access among its key features. Current Nexkey users and potential customers thinking of choosing Nexkey are now compelled to switch to or opt for Nexkey alternatives that offer the same functionalities. The good news is that there are Nexkey competitors that provide more advanced features and better security. Here is a detailed Nexkey review and how Nexkey replacements like Openpath can be a more flexible solution.

Quick look: key differences between Openpath and Nexkey
Touchless access

Openpath’s Wave to Unlock is more convenient and can open doors by waving a hand.

Flexible cloud-based software

Unlike Nexkey, Openpath’s software is customizable and has more advanced features.

Customized permissions

Openpath offers more flexibility with customizable access and Guest Passes.

Open integration

Nexkey doesn’t support open integration and requires a third-party platform to connect to apps.

Complete solution

Nexkey has a limited range of hardware and software features compared to Openpath.


Comprehensive Nexkey review

Like Openpath, Nexkey offered a cloud-based access control solution. However, there are key distinctions to keep in mind between the two systems. Nexkey was designed for mid-size commercial buildings and offices, and had the standard features of a cloud-based access control system. Nexkey focused on creating hardware like commercial smart door locks, smart door strike, and controller, with touchless access as the core feature for the brand. Devices like Nexkey Solo, touted by the company as the world’s first battery-powered door strike, featured a keyless unlock mechanism and a design that allowed the device to blend with door frames. Another Nexkey hardware, the Nexkey Core, transformed existing locks into smart locks, and the Nexkey Controller connected electric door hardware to the Nexkey cloud software. The company relied on the Nexkey app to deploy touchless access, as well as manage entry from a smartphone and Apple Watch. If potential customers are asking how much does Nexkey cost, Nexkey pricing was not listed on their website. 

Openpath is a cloud-based access control solution, but offers a more comprehensive range of hardware compared to Nexkey. With a variety of smart readers, video intercom with AI capabilities, smart locks, controllers and elevator boards, the devices support a wide range of secure yet convenient access methods, including touchless Wave to Unlock. The Openpath software is designed to be easy to use, allowing management of the entire system within a single dashboard. Features like remote management, customized access and seamless integration give the system the flexibility and enhanced security that enterprises, large commercial spaces, mid-size establishments and multi-complex residential spaces need. 

Touchless access method

As previously mentioned, Nexkey’s keyless access relied on the use of a Nexkey app for a smartphone or Apple Watch unlocks. When a user approached a particular door, the system recognized the door andrevealed the right key on the smartphone or Apple Watch. 

Compared to Nexkey’s keyless access method, Openpath’s touchless Wave to Unlock allows users to open doors with a simple wave of the hand or phone to the reader. There is no need to have the phone active, adding to the convenience of the access method. 

Cloud-based software

While the Nexkey app offered basic access management features, the cloud-based Nexkey Portal featured expanded functionality for setting group permissions. Additional features that customers looking for a Nexkey replacement might want are smart reporting and messaging to ensure they receive important system notifications and insights. To get software that’s similar, look for Nexkey competitors with software that has real-time access logs to better analyze peak user access, and automatic alerting for unusual activity. 

Openpath’s intuitive open software allows users to manage access and review analytics. Compared to Nexkey, however, the Openpath software has more advanced functionalities with customizable features that streamline management and increase efficiency. Through the Control Center, users can remotely manage security at any hour of the day, set dynamic access permissions, issue credentials, and track occupancy. Like Nexkey, Openpath has a smart reporting feature. With Openpath, this feature is available in real-time, with options to customize alert triggers and recipients. Additional features in the Openpath software that are not available from Nexkey are the ability to observe live video feeds with the video readers and launch customized Lockdown Plans. Openpath’s easy-to-use dashboard can be tailored according to user preferences and needs, and allows users to conveniently manage security in one place – from any web-enabled device. 

Visitor management and customized access

When it comes to visitor management, Nexkey users were able to remotely unlock doors, grant or revoke access instantly, and schedule access from the Nexkey app and Portal. Temporary passes came in the form of a PIN code issued through text messages. 

In contrast, Openpath offers more flexibility with the options to receive Guest Passes via email, text message, and messaging apps. The customizable temporary Guest Passes can be accessed through a smartphone browser and permit one or more entries within a time limit. Openpath also allows users to set varying levels and permissions based on schedules and locations, giving businesses flexibility in access. 

Compatibility and integration

In terms of integration, Nexkey required users to use third-party platform Zapier to connect to popular apps. The integration options were limited, and configuration required the additional steps of setting up integration on Zapier, retrieving an API key, and formatting trigger data to connect to other apps and platforms.

Unlike Nexkey, Openpath offers unlimited integration, and is built on an open API and mobile SDK to allow seamless integration with other hardware, software, apps and third-party platforms. Configuration is simple through the Openpath App Marketplace, too. Openpath customers also get the added benefit of effortless integration with existing video systems thanks to the ONVIF Profile S and T compliant Video Reader Pro and Intercom Video Reader Pro.

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Alternatives to Nexkey access control system

Nexkey is no longer available for use, but for people considering deploying Nexkey access control in their businessesor needing a Nexkey alternative for access control, there are other more flexible options to choose from. Overall, Openpath offers a more comprehensive solution when it comes to hardware, software, and secure access methods. In addition to touchless Wave to Unlock, Openpath also supports a wide range of access options, such as mobile credentials, key cards and fobs, RFID and Apple Watch. Plus, the patented Triple Unlock technology races Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular signals simultaneously for fast unlock with 99.9% reliability. Openpath also supports infinite scaling. Admins can conveniently add new users and locations with a few clicks on the dashboard. With advanced features, Openpath offers a flexible access control solution for organizations looking for enhanced security and streamlined management.