New Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center

Introducing a secure, all-in-one platform for managing Openpath hardware, software, payments, services, and invoices. 

Important changes to Openpath purchasing and account management

We are upgrading how you, our customer, engages with Openpath for new hardware purchases and subscription management. We heard your feedback that the disparate systems made managing your Openpath purchases and payments difficult. Starting May 3, 2021 we will introduce a consolidated environment for purchasing hardware and paying invoices: the Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center. 

This change will make it easier and more convenient to purchase the Openpath products you need, as well as manage your open and outstanding invoices. Finally, there will be one platform to manage your hardware, software, and services with billing, shipping, and payment details.  

Effective Friday April 30, 2021 at 4pm PST, the current Openpath store site will be moved to You will now log in and access the store through the Control Center. If you have our current online store bookmarked, make sure to update the URL.

New streamlined login: Single sign-on

Starting May 3, all users set up with a partner organization role can log in through the new Partner Center within the Openpath Control Center to purchase Openpath products and manage subscriptions. If you do not have a login, contact your account administrator to be added.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) lets you use your Control Center username and password to securely access the Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center

  • Logging in through the Control Center automatically applies your partner firm discount to your purchases

  • The Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center allows you to manage a single set of default payment methods

  • Multiple open and outstanding invoices for hardware, software, and services can be paid at one time with your stored preferred payment method

Billing updates 

Effective Monday, May 3 in order to protect your information we ask that you enter it again in the new PCI compliant platform by May 14, 2021.  

  • Log in to your Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center account to add credit card and shipping information for current and future payments (one time and recurring)

  • Any outstanding balances or unpaid invoices will show in My Account

Invoice and purchase management

The new platform combines purchase history, reorders, and outstanding invoices on one convenient platform. 

  • New subscription invoices will consolidate all recent changes, and be approved on a monthly basis

  • Make combined payments on hardware, software, and services on a single invoice

  • Easily view credit balances and outstanding invoices

Add purchasers and team members

If you have additional purchasers or team members, they need to be added to the Control Center with new roles in order to gain access to Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center.

  • Assign specific purchasing roles to existing users under the Sub-Organizations section, with options for Partner Billing Site and Hardware Purchaser roles and permissions

  • Assign Partner Hardware Purchaser or Partner Billing Manager roles to new users

  • You can also add one or more email addresses to the account in the Partner Center which will receive order acknowledgments and shipping notifications

Coming soon: Subscription term changes

Based on feedback from our channel partners and end users, we will be discontinuing monthly subscriptions plans, and offering annual and multi-year subscriptions at a discounted rate. 

  • 1-year subscriptions will receive a 5% discount off MSRP

  • 3-year subscriptions will receive an 8% discount off MSRP

  • We will continue to honor current monthly subscriptions

Contact your Openpath rep for more information. 

Set up your Openpath Purchasing and Billing Center account now

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