Microsoft Azure AD Integration

For customers who use the Microsoft Active Directory hosted service, we offer an out of the box integration to easily import and manage your users from Active Directory and keep them synchronized over time. When you remove a user from AD, that user is automatically removed from Openpath.

Syncing Users with Microsoft Azure AD

Don't waste time adding all of your users one by one. Don't worry about having to remember to remove them when they leave the company. Have control over how your data is imported.

From our integrations page all you need to do is scroll down to the Azure AD and setup the integration with the configurations you deem appropriate (see image below)

Screenshot: Set up Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration through the Openpath Control Center Integrations page

When you hit connect you will be prompted to login with your Microsoft Azure AD credentials. Once you are done with that, your users will be automatically imported (see image below).

Screenshot: Input your Microsoft Azure Active Directory credentials to import users

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