The Leading RFID Door Lock and Entry System

Complete access control designed for future-proof safety and health protection. Discover next generation RFID locking systems and card readers.

Touchless, cloud-based, flexible, and secure.

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How Openpath works for you

  • Fastest, most reliable touchless access control system

  • RFID readers support smartphones, key cards, fobs, and Apple Watch

  • Intuitive, open software platform with remote management, dynamic access permissions, and real-time reporting

  • Enhanced safety features including occupancy tracking and emergency lockdown scenarios

  • Scalable hardware and software that can secure a single door or an entire enterprise

  • End-to-end encryption with multi-level security and compliances

Best-in-class security features

Versatile credentials

Hands-free entry with any smartphone and Apple Watch. Easily send digital guest passes. Compatible with badges, keycards, fobs, and RFID.

Cloud-based software

Scalable management and real-time reporting. Set schedules and access permissions for all your locations, in one simple interface.

Wellness solutions

Create healthier spaces with built-in occupancy tracking, touchless access, wellness screening features, and 15+ integrations.

Integrated or stand alone

Whether upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch, Openpath installs effortlessly in any building.

End-to-end security

We've worked hard to build a system with layers of security and encryption to outsmart a world of evolving threats.

24/7 customer support

Our highly trained tech support teams are available when you need them with remote troubleshooting capabilities.

Most extensive list of integrations on the market

Openpath seamlessly integrates with the tools and apps you use everyday. Our open platform replaces manual operation with streamlined automations right out of the box.

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