Kognition Integration

Kognition and Openpath access control

For enterprise businesses looking to create smarter, interoperable security systems, we offer an integration with Kognition’s powerful video surveillance and AI software. Future-proof your building with AI-powered solutions to automate check-in processes, enhance threat detection, and enforce social distancing.

Integrating Openpath access control with Kognition allows large-scale enterprises to leverage AI and video surveillance to:

  • Enhance check-in and screening process with automated wellness verifications connected to Openpath touchless access control

  • Enforce the results of on-site thermal camera scans via Openpath access control

  • Automate and activate lockdown and threat mitigation with AI facial recognition, gun detection, and after-hours video detection

  • Utilize 3D video surveillance footage for occupancy counting, capacity alerts, and enforcing social distancing in the workplace

  • Enable contact tracing methods by monitoring user’s movements within a 2-week data retention period

  • Customize data retention to meet strict privacy and compliance needs across all building sites and locations

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